Thursday, November 12, 2009

Game Scheduled!!!!

After nearly a month of frustration, I have scheduled a game for tomorrow morning. Everyone in our small gaming group has been busy with real life for the past 6 weeks or more.

Personally, game night was overcome by my oldest daughter's birthday. A couple of weeks later, my wife's birthday. Don't misunderstand me, I hold these yearly events to be more important than my bi-weekly game of 40k. That explains why I observed the birthdays instead of playing. For others in the group, it was different things. However, I am going to play tomorrow.

The game will be an 1850 point battle between Silchias Ruin's Eldar and my Angels Sanguine.


brent said...

You should have your child(ren) taken away. Fix your priorities!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

lol! I know man, my priorities are all messed up.

Having a daughter (I have two daughters) is a wonderful thing. It changes a man, in a good way.

And after all this, I had to cancel this particular game with Silchias Ruin because of sickness in both of our families. Will it never end??:)