Sunday, October 18, 2009

Death Company

We all love the Death Company. What could be better than some raging space marines who have been overcome with blood-lust and have no care in life besides coming to grips with their enemy.

I absolutely love the Death Company. I find them to be powerful and effective.

I have been playing with the number of Death Company which I get for free. I have not been spending extra points for more Death Company. In my current tourney list, that means 4 members in my DC.

When I first started playing BA, I bought and painted 10 DC. I payed the extra points in order to always have 10 DC.

As time passed, I went down to 7 DC. Even more time passed, and I stopped paying for extra DC. I just ran with the free DC.

Here are the facts: They cost 30 points, if you buy any extras. They have a Veteran stat line, rending, fearless, furious charge, and feel no pain. They require leadership from Corbulo or a Chaplain.

Are they worth it? Do you pay the points for extras? Do you only use the free DC? (Incidently, I know that they are not really free, as we pay for them in the cost of other units.) What do you all think on the issue?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lightning Claws List

A little while back, I mentioned an idea for a BA list featuring Lightning Claw Terminators in a Land Raider. Well, I worked out something that I think might work. Regardless, it should be real fun to play.


-Death Company w/ Jump packs
-5 Terminators w/ Lightning Claws

-Assault Squad (10 men) Powerfist, Plasma Pistol
-Assault Squad (10 men) Powerfist
-Assault Squad (10 men) Powerfist

Fast Attack
-2 Attack Bikes w/ Multimelta
-2 Attack Bikes w/ Multimelta

Heavy Support
-Land Raider w/ Extra Armor

That comes out to the standard tourney size (1850) here on the local scene. I am really interested to try it out. You may have noticed that there are no Rhinos and a lot of jump packs. This is a totally different philosophy from the previous list I was running. I refer you to Jawaballs for the inspiration to try the jump packs back out again.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A trip to a Games Workshop Store

Sadly, I must say that this weekends scheduled game of 40k did not materialize. As Friday dawned, I was receiving telephone calls from 2 of our players who had to back out because of last minute family matters.

Well, you cannot blame a guy for keeping his priorities straight and taking care of his family before his hobby. I applaud them in fact. So, I decided to spend time with my family Friday evening.

However, I am happy to report that I was able to make a trip to the closest Games Workshop retail store. It took just under 2 hours of driving to reach the store.

No, I did not drive 2 hours just to visit the store. My wife's sewing machine had malfunctioned, and the warranty required that we take it to a certain repair shop. That repair shop was a half-hour's drive from the store. So, we made a day of it.

Well, the store was fun. I endured an friendly argument with one of the GW staff, as he tried to tell me that I could spend points somewhere better than Dante. He was dead wrong. They tried to sell me a Space Wolves codex. Furthermore, they could not believe that I shelved my Imperial Guard army just as the new codex had come out.

Some mysteries are never solved, I suppose.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

40k Tomorrow

I have a game scheduled for tomorrow evening. However, one of our usual 4 players had to cancel due to family obligations. This occurrence leaves us in the familiar place we were in two weeks ago: a Three Way Scenario.

Since playing the last time, I noticed that the Big Rulebook has a Three player scenario in it. We may try to incorporate some of the rules from that scenario with the one we used previously.

I will write a battle report over the weekend.

I play one game of 40k every 2 weeks.
I am just curious. How often do you play 40k?