Thursday, October 1, 2009

40k Tomorrow

I have a game scheduled for tomorrow evening. However, one of our usual 4 players had to cancel due to family obligations. This occurrence leaves us in the familiar place we were in two weeks ago: a Three Way Scenario.

Since playing the last time, I noticed that the Big Rulebook has a Three player scenario in it. We may try to incorporate some of the rules from that scenario with the one we used previously.

I will write a battle report over the weekend.

I play one game of 40k every 2 weeks.
I am just curious. How often do you play 40k?


Haunter said...

Good to hear someone's getting to play a game soon. When I first started playing a number of months ago it was pretty much one game a week of my Necron vs my friend's Tau. It's trailed off since then, but now I can proxy in Blood Angels to keep things a bit interesting and he's thinking of proxying Eldar.

We have a local game shop that has Friday Night 40k every week, but neither of us feel really ready to start taking on strangers, since half the game is arguing rules, and arguing with strangers can lead to a bad time. We'll see.

But when my friend from Chicago comes to town though, we'll get in about 4 games in a weekend between the 3 of us, but we also play other games like Settlers of Catan or Arkham Horror.

Siph_Horridus said...

I'm afraid due to work commitments abroad, 40K gets a look in about once a month on average, shame but we really enjoy those times and it gives us plenty of time in between to paint up another unit or such like.