Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A trip to a Games Workshop Store

Sadly, I must say that this weekends scheduled game of 40k did not materialize. As Friday dawned, I was receiving telephone calls from 2 of our players who had to back out because of last minute family matters.

Well, you cannot blame a guy for keeping his priorities straight and taking care of his family before his hobby. I applaud them in fact. So, I decided to spend time with my family Friday evening.

However, I am happy to report that I was able to make a trip to the closest Games Workshop retail store. It took just under 2 hours of driving to reach the store.

No, I did not drive 2 hours just to visit the store. My wife's sewing machine had malfunctioned, and the warranty required that we take it to a certain repair shop. That repair shop was a half-hour's drive from the store. So, we made a day of it.

Well, the store was fun. I endured an friendly argument with one of the GW staff, as he tried to tell me that I could spend points somewhere better than Dante. He was dead wrong. They tried to sell me a Space Wolves codex. Furthermore, they could not believe that I shelved my Imperial Guard army just as the new codex had come out.

Some mysteries are never solved, I suppose.


Haunter said...

Ah that sucks you couldn't play. It's going on 3-4 weeks now since my last game. But that's okay, I'm starting to get in a bunch of modeling stuff (wrote about it in my last post) and even if I don't play I'll get models done. Also revisiting some terrain I made to add some more details, plus I got a friend's camera, as dinky as it is, so that should help too.

So you haven't played the new guard 'dex with your other army yet? Not interested or waiting til the "flavor of the month" status wears off?

Pacific said...

Haha, it looks like GW staff are the same the world over :)

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

@Pacific-> I was thinking exactly the same thing. lol

@Haunter-> I read about your modeling stuff the other day. It sounds like you will be ready to go. About the Guard codex . . . there was such a huge build up, that I got tired of reading rumors about 2 months before the codex came out. I couldn't do any modeling, because I didn't know exactly what the differences would be. So, I decided to start a new army.

I fell in love with the Blood Angels codex.

I will put the guard back on the table later. But I will do it my way, not the carbon-copy-internet-tourney army. I am a tread head. I have 3 Demolishers, 5 Leman Russ Battle Tanks, and 1 Vanquisher. I will play with 9 LR tanks. I just have to get them all painted up to match.

jawaballs said...

For the points, Dante is one of the best characters in the game. Preferred Enemy is king, and he carries a meltagun that hits on 2+. You can spend almost that much on a generic commander and not get half the deal. I think any BA army 1750 and up should have him. He could probably even be in a 1500 point army too.


Haunter said...

Seeing your formation would be a sight indeed. I think my final 40k army to collect (i'm sure lots of people have said that and have gone on to get one of each, like Fritz, lol) would be the IG. They just seem like you could keep buying an endless amount of models and still not have everything. Plus, you could build up into Apocalypse territory games and it would just be fluffy as hell to have your thousands of guardsmen and armor rolling over xeno scum in the name of the Emperor! One day I will...

Oh, FMG, I posed a question in my last blog entry to other bloggers about projects and the nature of their blogs. So any comments you could provide would be awesome, thanks.