Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Article of Interest

This weeks article of interest comes from Path of Seers.

The article gives out some great advice, that I have not often heard from any considered to be great painters. Generally the focus is always on instructing how to do this or how to do that.

However, Farseer Oliver makes a great point. All mini painters are not created equal. We each have certain and various strengths and weaknesses. We would do well do determine what our strengths are and capitalize on them.

So try out some different things and figure out what style and type of painting comes most naturally.

Here is a buff for From the Warp community member Farseer Oliver over at Path of Seers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Model One Finished (Urban Base Test Case Pt.4)

I give you the finished project. This is the first finished Veteran Assault Marine for my Angels Sanguine Army.

I am really pleased with the result.

Of course, this marks the end and finish of the first Urban Base Test Case model: CD Plastic.

The next model naturally will be the exact same Vanguard Veteran Model from the second Veteran Assault Squad which bears the Cereal Card Urban Base. After I finish that model, then we will have the two together for the judging.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!

An Alternative Army List

If I continue to be disappointed by my Attack Bikes, I will try out the following list:


-Death Company, Rhino w/ Ex. Armor
-Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company, Heavy Flamer, Ex.Armor
-Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company, Heavy Flamer, Ex.Armor

-Assault Squad, Powerfist, Rhino w/ Ex.Armor, Pintle Storm Bolter
-Assault Squad, Powerweapon, Rhino w/ Ex. Armor, Pintle Storm Bolter
-Assault Squad, Powerweapon, Rhino w/ Ex. Armor, Pintle Storm Bolter
-Tactical Squad, Meltagun, Razorback: Twin Linked Lascannon, Ex. Armor

-Baal Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Pintle Storm Bolter, Ex. Armor
-Baal Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Pintle Storm Bolter, Ex. Armor
-Baal Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Pintle Storm Bolter, Ex. Armor

The list is a slight alternative to what I have been running. I like the idea of getting in a second Furioso Dreadnought. Also, I find that with my die rolling, the previous style of Lascannon out the top hatch from the Tactical Squad may be better replaced with the Twin Linked Lascannon on the Razorback. However, the Razorback is more fragile than the Tactical squad.

One shot can eliminate the Twin Linked Lascannon on the Razorback. Whereas, the old list would require someone to pop the Rhino and deal 10 wounds to the Tactical squad in order to eliminate the Lascannon.

I cannot decide which list I like better on paper. I really would have to play test the lists to get a feel for the difference.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urban Base Test Cases-Pt.3

This is the finished project, or something very close to it. This base here is the CD plastic.

Undercoat: Black

Base Coat: Codex Gray and Badab Black mixed

Highlight up through Codex Gray, Codex Gray plus white, Codex Gray plus more Skull white.

Paint on a Yellow Stripe with Sunburst Yellow. I don't know if they use Yellow for marking lanes in the 41st millennium, but there must be one planet in the vast Empire of Man that does.

Somewhere between a drybrush and a damp brush of Codex Gray, I lay the brush on its side and barely tap the yellow. This gives it the look of the pavement fading through.

Mix up Snakebite Leather and Ogryn Flesh Wash. I apply this liberally (in small sections), then dab it off with a papertowel while it is still wet. This makes it appear dirty/dusty/muddy, depending on how much you leave on or dab off.

What do you all think? How do you weather things? How do you paint up pavement/asphalt or concrete?

Inspiration for this type of basing came from a book entitled, The Ultimate Miniature Painting Guide

Now that I am looking at these pictures, I think it might look better if I paint the edge another color. . . like black. What do you think?

Urban Base Test Cases- Pt. 2

I give you Work In Progress photos.

This is the first test case model for the clear plastic CD case urban base. I have done some painting on the model and some initial painting and texturing the base.

I did not take the time to set up the lights for real photos. So, I have taken one with the flash and one without the flash to keep everyone happy.

Also, remember that the Vanguard Veteran models come with some battlefield debris at their feet. This particular Marine has some rubble and an Ork skull under his feet. I never noticed the Ork skull there until I started painting.

I undercoated with black. After that I began with a base coat of Codex Grey mixed with Badab Black Wash. After that, I began a progressive dry bush through various shades of grey as follows: Codex Grey, Codex Gray plus a little Skull White, Codex Gray plus a little more Skull White.

At that point, I realized that I had forgotten to glue on some sand to add to the rubble effect. As a result, I added the sand, put a very wet black on it, and went to bed.

More to come later.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Urban Base Test Cases

Since I have all the Blood Angels units for my tournament list painted up and finished, I have decided to work on some of the Auxiliary Units. These units will be available to me for variant lists and apocalypse games.

So, I started working on two five man Veteran Assault Squads. These are the two which I used in the 'Ard Boyz Tournament. I purchased the Vanguard Veteran models, because they are great.

While I was working on them, I decided to try out two new and different ways at making urban bases on the models. I have determined to go back and base the entire army in one of these methods if I really like the way that it turns out.

For one squad, I have cut out a piece of plastic the size of the base top. This plastic is from an old CD case lid or something similar. The reason that I chose this type of plastic is because it is very rigid. I want to break the plastic in order to achieve a natural broken concrete (or asphalt) look along those rigid break lines that come natural to the plastic. I think it will imitate the real thing very well.

The second squad, I have cut out a number of equally sized cereal card squares. Then, I glued them onto the top of the base and trimmed off the excess.

I have a picture of each before painting. I will add some bits for gravel or rubble, bricks, etc. We shall see which turns out the best.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Tough Nut to Crack

A Land Raider can be a really tough nut to crack. They are all too common in the current Mechanized gaming environment.

The Land Raiders come in the standard variety, Crusader variant, and Redeemer variant. They are usually packed out with Assault Terminators, which adds to the frustration.

I have been thinking about how to deal with them, lately. I find that ignoring works well. Rather, I should say avoiding them. If I can coax them away from my main force, or away from the objectives, then I feel great. I only need drive around them or away from them with my fast vehicles.

Getting your opponent to commit to assaulting something usually ties up the Terminators and allows the battle to carry on without them. I think a sacrificial lamb is in order. If the Terminators tear through the sacrifice in the first round, then they are hanging out in the open for my Baal Predators to soften them up.

As far as actually shooting at the Land Raider, I use the Assault Cannons on the Baal Predator. With their rending feature, they can achieve an armor penetration value of 15. It might seem like a long shot, but I suggest you try it.

The thing that I do most is avoid the Land Raider. One unit or one vehicle can't cover every objective. Offer your opponent something to coax that rolling brick out of the center of the table, or away from the real action. Then carry on with the game in the Land Raider's absence.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Game 2: Black Templars vs. Angels Sanguine

1850 pts. Mission: Capture and Control. Deployment: Spearhead

Well, High Marshal Hunter and I decided to run a second game last Friday night. With just the two of us playing, we decided to leave the terrain exactly as it was and roll up a new mission and new deployment.

His List:
-5 Crusaders with Bolters, Meltagun, and Missile Launcher in a Rhino.
-5 Crusaders with Bolters, Plasmagun, and Lascannon in a Rhino.
-Emperor's Champion, 9 Crusaders with Bolt Pistols/CCW and a Meltagun in a Rhino.
-Marshal in Terminator Armor with Lightning Claws and 7 Assault Terminators, 3 Lightning Claws and 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield in a Land Raider Crusader.
-8 Assault Marines, one Plasma Pistol
-Dreadnought with Twin Linked Lascannon and Missile Launcher
-1 Vindicator (predator proxy)

I won the roll off and decided to go second. He chose his quadrant and deployed everything except his Assault Marines, with his objective in the small corner of a ruined bulding way in the back.

I placed my objective in the woods and reserved everything.

On the top of turn one, he drove everything across the table towards my objective making excellent use of the road to gain some extra ground. His armored column advanced, while the Dread and a Rhino took a wider angle toward my objective. He left a Rhino with 5 crusaders/meltagun/missile launcher back on top of his objective.

On the top of turn 2, High Marshal Hunter advanced his Rhino, Dread, and Land Raider towards my objective. He realized that in a spearhead mission my reserves could come on from the entire table edge. So, he halted the advance of his Vindicator (predator proxy) and Emperor's Champion crusader Rhino in an attempt to leave them able to respond to whatever I decided to do.
Bottom of 2, reserve rolls turned up Dante, two Assault Squads, one Attack Bike, and two Baal Predators. I drove the Rhinos 12" on the very edge of the table toward his objective. The inside Rhino smoked in order to cover itself and its partner. The Baals came on at combat speed in order to fire the Assault Cannons at the Emperor's Champion Rhino. The Baals achieved a weapon destroyed and crew shaken on the Rhino, and the Attack Bike achieved a weapon destroyed on the Vindicator. That was nice, no demolisher cannon this game. Since the Vindy had no other weapons, it became a mobile hulk for blocking LoS and contesting objectives. Dante jumped into some ruins for cover.

Top of turn 3, High Marshal Hunter ordered his Assault Marines to Deep Strike in between his objective and my rapidly advancing Rhinos. A great move on his part. He was able to speed-bump my Assault Squads and save the game. Anyway, his lead Rhino advanced further toward my objective. The Land Raider wheeled around the tank trap in order to fire the Multimelta at my Attack Bike causing instant death. The Dreadnought angled toward the center of the table and put a crew shaken on the closest Baal Predator.
Bottom of 3, Reserves turned up the other Attack Bike, Furioso Dreadnought, 3rd Baal Predator, and the Tactical Squad. I brought in the newly arriving Baal Predator on with the Attack Bike and Furioso Dreadnought in an attempt to stop his Rhino from claiming my objective. The idea was that the Attack Bike would pop the Rhino, then the Baal Pred would kill of a few of the Crusaders inside by virtue of the Assault Cannon. Then, the Furioso would have a juicy target there in the closest range to charge down next turn. Well, none of that worked. The attack bike failed, so I had to fire the Assault Cannon on the Rhino which effected a crew shaken. This forced the Furioso to fire his meltagun, which also did nothing.

On the right, I knew that Marshal Hunter had a Missile Launcher in that Rhino, so I brought up the previously covered Rhino and popped smoke in order to cover the Rhino which had smoked last turn. The shaken Baal Predator moved up and smoked in order to provide cover for the other Baal Predator, which was busy firing everything into the Assault Marines. I wanted to mow down that speed bump so my Rhinos could drive on. The Tactical Squad drove on at cruising speed. Dante jumped over to the next building and put a crew shaken on the Emperor's Champion Rhino.

Top of turn 4, High Marshal Hunter's Assault Marines assaulted the second Rhino in my pair streaking up the right side. They exploded the rhino, killing one of the Templars in the process. The shooting failed to stop the lead Rhino which was covered in smoke. He moved his Rhino and toothless Vindicator back to shield his objective. Over on the left, his Land Raider delivered the Terminators into an assault which exploded my Baal Predator.

Bottom of turn 4, Reserves turn up the last Assault Squad. I drive them in on the left, knowing that the Furioso must charge the Terminators (closest enemy). I figured the assault would last at least into his turn. Leaving the Rhino to drive onto the objective. The Attack Bike angled to get a rear armor shot on the Rhino on my objective. Result: crew shaken. The Furioso fired the Heavy Flamer and Meltagun into the Terminators following with an assault. This was great, except he bit off more than he could chew. The Terminators wrecked him, no problem.

On the right, my Assault Squad (now with no Rhino), fired on and assaulted the Templar Assault Squad. They killed the Templars. They consolidated towards the objective. The remaining Rhino there over-charged and drove around both of my opponents Rhinos to prepare for a 5th turn Objective grab.

I fired everything from one Baal at the objective holding Rhino and everything from the other Baal at the Vindicator which was now within 3" of the objective. I immobilized the Vindy and Exploded the Rhino. Dante epic failed on the Emperor's Champion Rhino. He failed with the Perdition Pistol and with the Assault.

On the top of turn five, the High Marshal's Terminators tore through my Rhino which had been hiding behind the Furioso. The Marines inside survived. I unloaded them so that they could get around the Terminators and try to get at that Rhino on the objective. On the right, the Emperor's Champion couldn't resist the opportunity to prove his mettle against Dante. He led his 9-man Crusader squad out. They fired at Dante doing nothing, then they assaulted Dante. Dante put a wound on the Emperor's Champion, receiving none in return. However, while they were fighting in single combat, the rest of the cowardly crusader squad cast off their honor and attacked Dante in the back. None of them could wound him, save the Powerfist guy. One wound from him resulted in instant death.

High Marshal Hunters crusader squad which was holding his objective fired on my Rhino which was poised to grab the objective with a Tank Shock. Their shots exploded the Rhino.

Bottom of turn 5, reserves are automatic. So, Corbulo and the Death Company arrive. I drive them up to the woods for objective contesting. They stop one inch away from the hull of the Templar Rhino. I managed to squeeze the Assault Squad past the Terminators and they assaulted the Rhino. They wrecked it, forcing the marines out. But I had nothing left over there to kill them with, because the shooty Dreadnought had killed my Attack Bike.

On the Right, I fired both Baal Predators at the Vindicator, I couldn't destroy it. So, I top hatched the Tactical Squads Lascannon at it to no effect. My last best hope was the Powerfist Assault Squad that was in position to take that objective. They were facing 4 crusaders with meltagun, missile launcher, and 2 bolters. I shot the bolt pistols into them, killing two. This left a 4 on 2 assault in my favor. I believed that I could kill them, and consolidate onto the objective. In the ensuing assault, my marines killed none and the Templars killed one of my marines. No problem, I still had the initiative 1 veteran sergeant with a powerfist. He would get 3 attacks. He hit with 2, and failed to wound. Epic Fail!

Game Ends in a Draw. Objectives: Black Templars:0, Blood Angels:0.

My Analysis: I really feel that I made some mistakes during this battle. After High Marshal Hunter devoted so much of his force toward acquiring my objective, I decided that I would make his objective mine and simply contest my objective at the last moment for a win. However, I did not sell out to it. You will notice in the report, that I started engaging that objective on turn 3 with a Baal Predator, Furioso, and Attack Bike. I really should have commited those forces to the battle for the Templar objective. Then I could have used the last Rhino to come in on reserve to contest.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I had the right idea, or battle plan. However, I did not follow that plan. I did not commit everything to that plan. I don't know why I thought I needed the extra support over there to contest. Hindsight is 20/20. Next time I will sell out to my plan.

I have also thought that in this particular scenario, capture and control, I don't have to reserve everything. I could go ahead and park the Tac squad on the objective, deploy the Assault Wing of my army (Dante, Corbulo, Furioso, and DC), along with the Baal Predators. Also, I could reserve the other 3 Assault Rhinos (Troop Choices). In this manner, I would force my opponent to deal with the Assault Wing. They would have to advance under fire from the Baals, in order to engage Dante, Furioso, and DC in close-combat.

While all this is going on, my reserves will come up on turn 2,3,4, or 5. I can then drive them around the flank toward that objective for contesting. I really feel like I should be able to win this battle 1 to 0 every time.

Live and learn, that is why we play the game.

I would like to say that High Marshal Hunter doesn't make things easy on me. He is constantly improving his game. I really feel like he will make a better showing at the next tournament we enter. Let me say that a little differently. I really feel like WE will make a better showing at the next tournament.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Angels Sanguine vs. Black Templars

1850 points
Mission: Sieze Ground
Deployment: Dawn of War

High Marshal Hunter brought a tooled up mechanized Black Templar list.

-5 Crusaders with Bolters, Meltagun, and Missile Launcher in a Rhino.
-5 Crusaders with Bolters, Plasmagun, and Lascannon in a Rhino.
-Emperor's Champion, 9 Crusaders with Bolt Pistols/CCW and a Meltagun in a Rhino.
-Marshal in Terminator Armor with Lightning Claws and 7 Assault Terminators, 3 Lightning Claws and 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield in a Land Raider Crusader.
-8 Assault Marines, one Plasma Pistol
-Dreadnought with Twin Linked Lascannon and Missile Launcher
-1 Vindicator (predator proxy)

I ran my current mechanized Blood Angels list (Jawaballs list with the addition of two Multimelta attack bikes).

In the Picture, you can see 2 objectives in the Ruins closest to the camera, and a triangle of tight objectives, behind the fuel depot, in the stone henge, and the triangle tip in the open towards the center of the table.

High Marshal Hunter won the roll off and chose to go second. I chose my side and reserved everything. He deployed nothing, not reserving but doing the Dawn of War first turn drive onto the edge.
Here is the table in the middle of turn 1. Two objective in the ruins on the right. Three objectives on the left on my opponents side of the table.

During the High Marshal's 1st turn, he drove on to the table heading toward that triangle of objectives.

Top of turn 2, the Death Company and Corbulo roll on and pop smoke to cover. An Assault Squad rides on behind using the smoked rhino for cover. My tactical Squad drives on to claim an objective in the edge of the ruins. I had both Attack Bikes come on (they are the Classic Sentinels lying on their sides). I turbo boosted one out on the far left flank. The other drove into the woods in order to get cover and get a shot off at the Land Raider. I failed the Dangerous Terrain test and the bike took a wound.

On the bottom of turn 2, my opponent drove further onto the table. He immobolised his Emperor's Champion rhino trying to drive through stone henge, drove one rhino next to the objective behind the fuel depot. His Dreadnought shot at my tac squad rhino destroying the pintle mounted stormbolter.

On the top of turn 3, two more assault squads drove on with two baal predators. The assault squad in the middle of the table stalled its engines, so I popped smoke. Tactical sat and shot the lascannon out of the top hatch at the Dreadnought to no effect. I fired the Baal Assault Cannons at the Land Raider failing to penetrate. Over-charged engines hit on the Death Company. I drove them up into the middle of the table and backed into the fuel Depot for cover save. Also, I moved the Bike in the woods and failed another difficult terrain test thus killing the attack bike. Excellent work guys.

On the bottom of turn 3, the High Marshal parked his Land Raider on top of an objective. He drove a Rhino into stonehenge, securing the objective. The Emperor's champion led his squad out of their immobolized rhino and ran toward the Death Company. The Dreadnought fired on the Death Company Rhino, but the cover save worked.

Objectives at the end of turn 3: Black Templars:2, Blood Angels:1 (and one had a Land Raider packed full of Assault Terminators parked on it).

Top of turn 4, the third Baal Predator comes in. I drove it over to shield a Rhino that stalled on the left. Furioso came in headed toward the Land Raider (closest enemy). Dante joined the battle jumping into the tank trap. I drove the Death Company around to contest the objective behind the fuel depot. The previously stalled rhino in the center of my edge hit the over-chargers and crossed in front of the tactical squad heading to claim the objective on the far right. The attack bike angled to shoot the Vindicator in the side armor without penetrating. I fired everything from the two Preds in the center at the Emperor's champion crusader squad.

Bottom of Turn 4: I have included a picture here of the Dreadnought firing point-blank into the side of my DC Rhino along with all three ones that he rolled to hit.

The High Marshal moved his Land Raider over to deliver his Terminators into an assault on one Baal Predator. The Emperor's Champion led his Crusader squad to assault the Death Company Rhino. The Vindicator angled to pie-plate the other two Baal Predators, scattered off the table. Also his Assault Squad deep struck in to attempt to take my Tactical squad off their objective.

I have a picture at the end of turn 4.

With turn five coming up, I had to get prepared for the end of the game. It was time to claim objectives and contest others in hopes that the game would end on turn five.

Top of turn five, I drove an assault squad onto the objective in the far right ruins. The Tactical squad sat on its objective in the second ruins. The Death Company exited their Rhino on the side opposite the Emperor's Champion squad and Assaulted the Rhino there to make sure they would be close enough to contest that objective. Dante jumped over and assaulted the Rhino with the Death Company. Two Baal Predators drove over to soften up the Assault Squad on the right that was threatening my objectives. On the far left, the stalled engine rhino from the previous turn stalled again this turn. The other Assault Rhino over there on the left hit the turbo chargers and drove through the woods around the Land Raider to claim the objective that they had left open. Furioso assaulted the Terminators (closest enemy) which was tactically sound. It tied them up to keep them from going after my Rhino on the objective.

Middle of Turn five: Black Templars Objectives: 1, Blood Angels: 3

On the bottom of turn five, the High Marshal drove his Vindicator up to contest an objective. He also assaulted my Tactical Rhino wrecking it. I unloaded the tactical squad making sure that there was someone as close as possible to the objective.

High Marshal Hunter rolled for the game end, the result: 1. The game ended on turn five.

The result was a victory for Sanguinius. I controlled two objectives in the ruins on the right. The High Marshal controlled the objective in the stone henge on the left back corner. The other two objectives were contested.

For my analysis: I find the list and tactics to be very sound. The fast moving Rhinos made a huge difference. Being able to drive onto objectives (using Tank Shock if necessary) is essential. The Baal Predators are versatile capable of firing on infantry and armor alike. The attack bikes were pathetic. I must say that I rolled terribly for them, but they did absolutely nothing. Between the two bikes, I achieved one Crew Shaken result. I will not give up on them yet. They need more gaming.

I would also like to say that my opponent (a fairly new player) is much improved. He has been working hard and researching to tighten his list. Also, he has been studying tactics. It has really paid off. Congratulations to High Marshal Hunter on a game well played.

When I first started playing this list and style (based on the teaching of Jawaballs and Fritz), reserving everything felt a little strange. However, the more that I do it, the more I get used to it. The benefit here is that it keeps my opponents from destroying all my stuff before the end of the game. It is important for me to have enough stuff to secure and contest, so that I have at least one more objective than my opponent on the last turn.

If I could give any advice, I would say to remember to focus on the goal of the mission. If you get sidetracked from the mission and start doing things on the table that do not move you toward achieving those goals, then you will find it hard to win. Everything on the table has to be working together to achieve the Mission Objectives.

Also, I placed the objectives with the end of the game in mind. I wanted the tight triangle of objectives on one side of the table with the other two far away on the other side of the table. when I did this, I wanted my opponent to choose the table half with the most objectives closer. I thought that he would claim those three objectives and leave the other two alone. This would allow me to claim the two without having to fight over them. Then, I would be able to contest his three objectives giving myself the win. If you look over the battle report, I think you will find that it worked.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Article of Interest

I want to be a good neighbor here in the 40k Blog Community. So, I have decided to post an article every Friday that I determine to be particularly helpful, enlightening, or entertaining.

I will select each article from one of the blogs in the From The Warp community.

And now, this weeks ARTICLE OF INTEREST!!!

Awakening Ynnead has an excellent tutorial on magnetizing the weapon selections on Eldar Wave Serpents. I found it quite helpful and useful even though I do not play Eldar. So, the article is useful to the "rest of us." Furthermore, I know that some of you out there (Silchias Ruin for certain) are Eldar players.

So here is a buff to the blog Awakening Ynnead.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drop Pod Scratch Build

 I found a Template for a Drop Pod online.

I was not planning on running any drop pods, so I was not going to buy any. However, the prospect of building one out of stuff that I have around the work area already appealed to me.

So, here is a picture of the WIP. I need to trim it and shape it up a little, but it is not very far from receiving some paint.

I have no idea what I will put in it. Maybe a Plasma or Melta heavy veteran assault squad for fun.

I am certainly open for suggestions.

Oh, all the writing on the template was in French. I managed to decipher most of it. lol!


I actually just found a better place with the template. The following link has both this Dread version and a troop version template with instructions. I didn't have any instructions for mine. See what kind of great service I offer you.

Game Tomorrow

Great news!! I have a game of 40k scheduled for tomorrow night.

This will give me an opportunity to play my list and refine my tactics.

I have decided to run the list with 2 Attack Bikes (multi-melta). I feel strongly that the attack bikes add excellent anti-tank and the ability to rapidly respond to what my opponent is trying to do on the table. All that is left is to put the theory to the test on the table.

I am planning to post a battle report with pictures to chronicle the gaming experience. My intention is for this practice to help me in analyzing strengths and weaknesses of my list. Also, I hope to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of my game play.

In the end, I desire to improve as a player, and I hope to be of some help to any other players out there in the Blogosphere.

My opponent will be High Marshal Hunter and his Black Templars. We are running 1850 point lists in an attempt to improve on the local tournament scene.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baal Predators

"The Baal Predator is armed with numerous weapons noted for
their high rate of fire. It is designed to mow down enemy
infantry and light vehicles with horrifying efficiency." -Codex Blood Angels.

I cannot overstate how satisfying my Baal Predators are.

When I first started building and playing the Jawaballs mech list, I didn't have any Baal Predators.

When I started trying to purchase some, I found out that they are only available through GW Direct (order from the website). I placed an order,
but they were out of stock. I was told that restocking would take 4-6 weeks.

So, I ran the army with a Land Raider escorting a Terminator squad. This worked well. But I had no fire support in the army.

Well, a month later I called GW and asked about the Baal Preds. The verdict: they were in stock. So, I ordered three.

I had no idea how much I would love them. They have a very impressive mix of Strength and Volume of fire.

The Assault Cannon has a great strength for wounding all infantry. Furthermore, the AP eliminates all but the thickest armor. Also, the strength of the weapon is sufficient for light to medium vehicles.

I would like add that the Rending feature makes the weapon good versus all armored infantry and all vehicles. The Assault Cannon can penetrate a Land Raider and Blast through Broadside Suits and Terminator Armor.

Furthermore, the weapon is twin-linked. Combining this feature with the Marine's BS means that I usually hit with all four shots.

It has become widely accepted in the Blogosphere that Volume of Fire is the most important factor in the shooting phase of 5th Edition 40k. Well, the Baal Predator is the champion of high volume shooting. Take your Twin-linked Assault Cannon, add 2 Heavy Bolter Sponsons and a Pintle Storm Bolter and you have 12 shots.

Moreover, the Baal Predator has over-charged engines. So, it can become a fast vehicle. This feature allows the Baal to move six inches and maintain the high rate of fire (firing all weapons).

All this sounds good, but they are even better on the table than they are on paper.

Monday, July 20, 2009

For the Emperor!!!

The assault wave crashes over the Xenos scum bringing death in the name of the Emperor.

I love this picture. In the very center of the frame there is the Emperor's Champion surrounded by the Crusaders. They are pressing forward, armed with righteous zeal.

It reminds me of the cover art or art drawn in the GW books.

In this picture, High Marshal Hunter's Black Templar are assaulting Silchias Ruin's Ulthwe Guardians. I could not resist taking the picture, because the spirit of the war saturated 41st millennium seemed so very present in the models on the table. The placement was perfect, the scenario was perfect for the picture. Furthermore, both Silchias and the High Marshal have done such a great job painting their armies.

The close combat prowess of the Black Templars is appealing. The speed and precision of the Eldar is appealing.

Silchias Ruin and High Marshal Hunter, I salute you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Squad of Converts . . .

I am fond of this Assault Squad, because they are all converted models and spare parts.

The Squad actually consists of the following:
-1 Assault on Black Reach Space Marine Captain
-1 Assault on Black Reach Tactical Marine Sergeant
-1 Assault on Black Reach Tactical Marine
-2 Marines constructed entirely from bitz left over from the Devastator Squad box, Assault Marine box, and Blood Angels' Honor Guard.

They fit in nicely. Although, I keep hearing from people that this Assault Squad's Sergeant should be a Captain.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Devastator Squad

I absolutely love the devastator squad models. I love the look. They are Marines with huge weapons, ready to blast things.

You can see my devastator squad in the picture getting some action in an apocalypse game that paired my Blood Angels with the Black Templars of a fellow player in our group.

I found out after I had already finished modeling and painting that I had paired anti-tank and anti-infantry together. I really should have put Missile Launchers in with the Lascannons.

Regardless, the devastator squad is too expensive to use in a 1700 or 1800 point tournament list. Just the five marines kitted out as I have them here costs slightly less than a Land Raider. I guarantee you that they don't survive as well as my Land Raider. So, I don't use them in my tournament list.

That doesn't mean that you can't use them. If you are going to use them, I feel that you have to increase the squad size to 10 marines. Why? Because they will attract attention. They pack too much punch to be ignored. Your opponent will try to kill them. You need those 5 extra marines as wounds, cannon fodder. The squad has to be able to soak up some extra wounds before you are required to take one of those expensive Heavy Weapons off the table.

Suffer not the traitor to live! Death to Xenos and Heretics in the name of the Emperor.