Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rhino

The Rhino. Some people think of the Rhino as fragile and weak compared to other vehicles.

Well, don't be too hard on the Rhino. If you are comparing it to the mighty armor values of the Leman Russ variants, then sure there is something left to be desired.

However, the Rhino is not a Main Battle Tank. It is designed to fill a role. It is an Armored Personnel Carrier. It's purpose is to protect troops from the battlefield small-arms fire.

The Rhino means that my Death Company or Assault Squad will not be destroyed by Guardians or Firewarriors or Guarsdmen using high rates of fire from their standard issue weapons.

The armor of the Rhino is not meant to withstand the powerful blasts of concentrated anti-tank weaponry.

I think the Rhino is the perfect vehicle for Space Marines. It is versatile and reliable, even bearing the repair ability. It adds mobility (especially if you are playing Blood Angels).

Use a Rhino to extend the life of your troops, and to get them where they need to be!!


SynnerG said...

Totally digging the rhino pics and the general information posts. Sometimes I just need my 40k/BA fix and I hit up the blogs for it, haha. I like the bullet dents in the side of the rhino as well! Did you just drill those out?

I also need to learn how to paint large vehicles yet as I started with Necron and I still have my monolith just primed, not sure where to go next.

Mitch said...

Those are some mean looking Rhinos! I always like to weather and damage my marine vehciles as well! :)


oni said...

Very cool. They're very well done. I like the damage and dirt and there's just enough. It's a very easy thing to over do.

Pacific said...

Yes nice paintjob on that rhino!

I completely agree as well with your comments - Rhinos I think are one of the most undervalued components of a Space Marine force!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Cheers all!! Thanks a lot.

@SynnerG- I did just drill out the bullet holes. I use my power drill before the priming stage to put some shots in all my vehicles. Also, I will use two or three different size drill bits to produce various size damage (i.e. bolt guns, heavy bolters, autocannon, etc.) But be careful, it is easy to drill too far (all the way through) leaving a hole in the Rhino.

On this particular Assault Squad Rhino (red), I imagined an ork with a Big Shoota blasting into the side.

Just as a funny quirk, I never put battle damage like that on the back of my Rhinos. I figure that a shot in the rear means a dead Rhino! LOL!