Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Urban Base Test Cases- Pt. 2

I give you Work In Progress photos.

This is the first test case model for the clear plastic CD case urban base. I have done some painting on the model and some initial painting and texturing the base.

I did not take the time to set up the lights for real photos. So, I have taken one with the flash and one without the flash to keep everyone happy.

Also, remember that the Vanguard Veteran models come with some battlefield debris at their feet. This particular Marine has some rubble and an Ork skull under his feet. I never noticed the Ork skull there until I started painting.

I undercoated with black. After that I began with a base coat of Codex Grey mixed with Badab Black Wash. After that, I began a progressive dry bush through various shades of grey as follows: Codex Grey, Codex Gray plus a little Skull White, Codex Gray plus a little more Skull White.

At that point, I realized that I had forgotten to glue on some sand to add to the rubble effect. As a result, I added the sand, put a very wet black on it, and went to bed.

More to come later.

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