Monday, October 29, 2012

Change of Plans: Dark Vengeance Angry Marines

 I was not at all satisfied with my Consecrators. The color scheme was relied 100% on the same colors as my Angels Sanguine. Add to this, the fact that I have been dying to paint some yellow marines, and I reached the following conclusion:

My Dark Vengeance minis will become Angry Marines. I get to paint yellow base Marines, and they are full of fun and . . . ehemm . . . character??

Well, they are a bit silly, but silly is fun. When we see the coming Dark Angels codex, I will decide which Space Marine codex to use for them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark Vengeance: Consecrators Tactical Marine WIP

A friend from the local gaming club and I split up a Dark Vengeance box. He plays Chaos, and I wanted those Marines.

I have begun work on the Marines from the box. Originally, I had the idea of removing the iconography and making them Angels Sanguine. After looking at the minis, I gave up on that idea. The three bikers are the exception here. The iconography was quite simple to remove from the bikes. So, they will be redeemed into my Angels Sanguine army.

As you can see from the photos, I didn't want to paint up some green Dark Angels. I have a bit of an affinity for successor chapters. So, I decided to try my hand at the Consecrators.

I realize that they have their own army badge, and I should technically have removed the Dark Angels markings. Well, I didn't. Nevertheless, I don't feel too bad about them having the markings as they are a successor chapter.

I decided to color their bases the same as my Angels Sanguine with the materials on the base being slightly different. This will tie them in when I use them as allies.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Blood Angels

Got a game of 40k in this morning against Hand0. We had a great game, and he came out on top. Enjoy the video.

I will add a bit of analysis later.

Monday, October 1, 2012

WIP: Chaplain with Power Fist II, Object Source Lighting

 After posting some pictures of my progress earlier today. Timothy commented that I had come out pretty weak on the power fist. He directed me over to a place where you know you are going to get great advice every time: From the Warp.

So, I read through Ron's tutorial on Object Source Lighting with specific reference to power fists. Another great resource provided by Ron. You can access the tutorial here.

So, I touched up the details that were left, finished the base, and set out on my first attempt at object source lighting effects.

I am trying to create the effect that the fingers of the power fist are glowing with power. The surrounding light from the fingers is falling on the armor plates around the power fist.

My assessment: Not too bad for my first time out. The effect is growing on me. Now that I have broken the ice with it, I am sure that I will start to use it more and more often.

Thanks again to Ron for another great tutorial, and thanks to Timothy for giving some constructive criticism and a solution.

As I look at this final picture, I am thinking that I should paint some free hand on the back of that power fist . . . hmmm.

As always, your comments are welcome.

WIP: Chaplain with Power Fist

 Here are a few updated photos of my Chaplain with Power Fist. It seems like it takes me forever to finish anything these days. I suppose I have been so very busy in the real world that I have precious little time for the miniature world. Nevertheless, this Chaplain is nearing completion.

I used the black and red party-colored pattern of the Angels Sanguine on his Crozius Arcanum. This, along with the base, will tie him in with the rest of the Army for a unified force look. I tried the black and red crozius on my Chaplain in Terminator Armor, and I really liked it. So, I decided to continue the pattern with this Chaplain.

Of course, he is magnetized to accept either a backpack or a jump pack. I need to finish up his base, and touch a detail or two. Nevertheless, I fully expect him to be ready to join the force very soon.

Let me know what you think. Your comments are welcome, and thank you for reading.