Monday, September 24, 2012

Should I Wait on my Luna Wolves?

The model to the left represents the first (test) model for a very slowly progressing Luna Wolves project that I started. I realize that the thunder hammer and storm Shield are anachronistic. Nevertheless, I was trying to get started into this pre-heresy project. So, I was testing the conversion and testing the painting.

In the mean time, Forge World releases their intent to publish heresy books with specifics for the Legions. I start to question whether I should wait for the release of these books and models. I understand that the books will focus on the Sons of Horus, but the only difference between Luna Wolves and the Sons of Horus is the change in name at a particular point in imperial history, right?

Then Karitas over at Excommunicate Traitoris attends Games Day UK 2012. In his blog coverage of the event, he posts this picture of of the Sons of Horus Terminators. I am questioning whether I should put the Luna Wolves on hold. Should I wait? or Should I press on? Should I convert my (unfinished) Luna Wolf terminator into another chapter or legion? Forge World's Legion terminators in the picture look great, and I am afraid that I will always regret having not used them. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Orks 1500

I decided to run a very different list than normal. I am still trying to feel out the proper balance between shooting and assault in 6th edition. So, I built a shooting BA's army.

A couple of things that stuck out in analysis right off the bat:
1. I wasted 150 points in my Army List. I paid 250 for Mephiston to stand in one place and cast Prescience each turn. I could have instead paid 100 points for a stock Librarian to stand in one place and cast Prescience each turn.

2. The Plasma Cannon Devastators felt very expensive to me. It was painful for me to field them in the beginning. Add to this the fact that they failed morale and ran off the table after doing nothing, and I have a real bad taste in my mouth.

I don't like to stand in one place and shoot at the enemy. I far prefer closing with them into melee. However, shooting does seem to be king in 6th edition. I do not think that it is to the exclusion of melee. Nevertheless, each army needs to find the proper balance between the two, specific to race and ability, in order to be strong.

I need to conduct more research!! More games of 40k are in order!!

I would like to conclude by saying that the most important part is that fun was had by all involved. It is always a pleasure to play a game against Dark Saint.

Monday, September 10, 2012

WIP: Luna Wolves Terminator and Chaplain with Power Fist

 I have been quiet for a while as things have been getting busier and busier at work. We are having some turnover, and I am carrying several extra responsibilities until the 'new' folks get on their feet. Nevertheless, I have made a bit of progress that I wanted to share.

First, I have applied some paint to my first Luna Wolf. This is the Pre-Heresy Terminator Test which I made. I decided to do the Luna Wolves Legion, and this guy is the first one. He is a paint scheme test. Of course, I am not yet finished. Nevertheless, any thoughts or ideas in the way of constructive criticism are welcome.

Second, I learned from a friend that Chaplains in the Blood Angels Codex may trade their bolt pistol for a power fist. I am not sure if the other codexes can do this, though I suspect they might. I had never noticed that in the codex. I thought it was a great idea, and I had a primed Chaplain sitting on my paint desk. So, I cut off his pistol arm below the shoulder pad and above the elbow. I took one of the arms from the AoBR Terminators, which I had swapped out for Lighting Claw arms. I cut the power fist arm to fit. As I was joining plastic to metal in a weak spot, I decided to pin it.

I thought the pose turned out to be pretty dynamic. On the gaming side, this gives him the choice of attacking at initiative with +2 to Strength and AP4 with the Crozius or attacking at initiative 1 with Strength x2 and AP2.

I like the idea of the option for him. Oh, did I mention that I really like the look of the model.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

FAQ/Errata Released: Initial Thoughts

The biggest gripes that I have been hearing from Blood Angels players revolved around Dante's Axe and the Sanguinary Guard's Glaive Encarmine. Well, GW cleared those up. No questions anymore.

I honestly couldn't imagine these weapons being any way different than the way that GW has ruled them. I listened to all the arguments to the contrary (prior to this FAQ), and it all seemed like people trying to argue for what they wanted beyond all reason.

Guess what? Dante's Axe is indeed an Axe.

The SG Glaives are wysiwyg. If you see a sword, it is a sword. If you see an axe, it is an axe.

Both of these are novel concepts, right?

In my opinion, the shocker was Astorath's Axe. It seemed to fall into the special and unique power weapon category. The FAQ now lists a profile for the weapon. He gained ap2, but he also gained the unwieldy special rule.

If my memory serves, that means Tycho is the only HQ we have who penetrates 2+ armor while attacking at initiative.

Oh, that reminds me of something. I had recently read some arguments on forums, which I can only call nonsensical. They were trying to convince others that Tycho's Dead Mans Hand was a special power weapon and therefore ap3. It is quite obvious that such an argument defies the rules of logic and common sense, as the special rules for the weapon state that it "ignores all armor saves." Furthermore, it is not a power weapon at all.

Nevertheless, GW ruled on it in the FAQ for the rulebook. Dead Mans Hand does actually ignore all armor saves while striking at initiative just as the rules in the codex state.

Another novel concept, I know.

Well, I have congratulate and thank GW for putting out a FAQs and Errata in a timely fashion. Furthermore, it appears that they have listened to the community. All of the issues where we had questions received answers.

!!Still no Flakk Missiles!!