Monday, September 10, 2012

WIP: Luna Wolves Terminator and Chaplain with Power Fist

 I have been quiet for a while as things have been getting busier and busier at work. We are having some turnover, and I am carrying several extra responsibilities until the 'new' folks get on their feet. Nevertheless, I have made a bit of progress that I wanted to share.

First, I have applied some paint to my first Luna Wolf. This is the Pre-Heresy Terminator Test which I made. I decided to do the Luna Wolves Legion, and this guy is the first one. He is a paint scheme test. Of course, I am not yet finished. Nevertheless, any thoughts or ideas in the way of constructive criticism are welcome.

Second, I learned from a friend that Chaplains in the Blood Angels Codex may trade their bolt pistol for a power fist. I am not sure if the other codexes can do this, though I suspect they might. I had never noticed that in the codex. I thought it was a great idea, and I had a primed Chaplain sitting on my paint desk. So, I cut off his pistol arm below the shoulder pad and above the elbow. I took one of the arms from the AoBR Terminators, which I had swapped out for Lighting Claw arms. I cut the power fist arm to fit. As I was joining plastic to metal in a weak spot, I decided to pin it.

I thought the pose turned out to be pretty dynamic. On the gaming side, this gives him the choice of attacking at initiative with +2 to Strength and AP4 with the Crozius or attacking at initiative 1 with Strength x2 and AP2.

I like the idea of the option for him. Oh, did I mention that I really like the look of the model.

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