Monday, July 20, 2009

For the Emperor!!!

The assault wave crashes over the Xenos scum bringing death in the name of the Emperor.

I love this picture. In the very center of the frame there is the Emperor's Champion surrounded by the Crusaders. They are pressing forward, armed with righteous zeal.

It reminds me of the cover art or art drawn in the GW books.

In this picture, High Marshal Hunter's Black Templar are assaulting Silchias Ruin's Ulthwe Guardians. I could not resist taking the picture, because the spirit of the war saturated 41st millennium seemed so very present in the models on the table. The placement was perfect, the scenario was perfect for the picture. Furthermore, both Silchias and the High Marshal have done such a great job painting their armies.

The close combat prowess of the Black Templars is appealing. The speed and precision of the Eldar is appealing.

Silchias Ruin and High Marshal Hunter, I salute you.

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