Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baal Predators

"The Baal Predator is armed with numerous weapons noted for
their high rate of fire. It is designed to mow down enemy
infantry and light vehicles with horrifying efficiency." -Codex Blood Angels.

I cannot overstate how satisfying my Baal Predators are.

When I first started building and playing the Jawaballs mech list, I didn't have any Baal Predators.

When I started trying to purchase some, I found out that they are only available through GW Direct (order from the website). I placed an order,
but they were out of stock. I was told that restocking would take 4-6 weeks.

So, I ran the army with a Land Raider escorting a Terminator squad. This worked well. But I had no fire support in the army.

Well, a month later I called GW and asked about the Baal Preds. The verdict: they were in stock. So, I ordered three.

I had no idea how much I would love them. They have a very impressive mix of Strength and Volume of fire.

The Assault Cannon has a great strength for wounding all infantry. Furthermore, the AP eliminates all but the thickest armor. Also, the strength of the weapon is sufficient for light to medium vehicles.

I would like add that the Rending feature makes the weapon good versus all armored infantry and all vehicles. The Assault Cannon can penetrate a Land Raider and Blast through Broadside Suits and Terminator Armor.

Furthermore, the weapon is twin-linked. Combining this feature with the Marine's BS means that I usually hit with all four shots.

It has become widely accepted in the Blogosphere that Volume of Fire is the most important factor in the shooting phase of 5th Edition 40k. Well, the Baal Predator is the champion of high volume shooting. Take your Twin-linked Assault Cannon, add 2 Heavy Bolter Sponsons and a Pintle Storm Bolter and you have 12 shots.

Moreover, the Baal Predator has over-charged engines. So, it can become a fast vehicle. This feature allows the Baal to move six inches and maintain the high rate of fire (firing all weapons).

All this sounds good, but they are even better on the table than they are on paper.

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