Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vanguard Veterans WIP: Squad 2

 I have uploaded a few pictures of my current work project. Here is the Second Vanguard Veteran Squad. I decided to do a little converting here. My intention is to create some dynamic poses.

On the beakie marine, I cut off his left leg and shaped up the hip connection to create the standing pose. I really like the look of Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields. In this instance I thought the pose turned out pretty good. He is urging his battle brothers onward.

On what was originally the Sgt model, I have attempted to capture him bringing the Storm Shield across in front for cover.

I also brought a model over from my Death Company. The Death Company models are all dynamic. The old metals and the new plastics. So, I put on the new weapons, and we have a grizzled veteran marine advancing with grim determination toward his target.

The last two marines have been left with power swords to help alleviate the points cost of the unit. Furthermore, the idea of veteran marines having their choice of wargear has always kept me from outfitting them all the same. It seems to me that if there were five veterans, there would be some difference in their preference for weaponry.

As always, your comments are welcome, and thanks for reading.

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