Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gaming Board and Modular Terrain WIP

 I apologize that I have been so delayed in posting any pictures of my progress in the terrain department. I have completed the Modular Gaming Board. It is a full 6x4 foot board that is composed of 4x2 segments. I can do some more work to it should I desire it. Nevertheless, it is more than serviceable.

The sad part is that I have, or had, no terrain to populate the board. So, I began work on some ruins and barricades. I got very tired of not having any scatter terrain for the board. As a result, I gave up on adding any more details and painted up the pieces that I have. These pieces include two ruined buildings and four barricades (pictures included). Each of these can be improved upon, but they are serviceable.

Following the completion of these pieces, I started a new piece of terrain, a tank trap. I intend to make a few more of these pieces. The concrete pylons are made of a portion which I cut off an egg carton. These were then glued to a polystyrene base.

As Rogue Pom had asked for some photos of the board and terrain with models included for scale, I have included some of my Angels Sanguine. The Tactical Marines and Devastators haven't seen the table in a long while. So, I let them out for the photos.

I apologize that some of the photos are a bit fuzzy.


Hallowed Ground said...

wow. I like it! Im working on a huge necron temple at the moment.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thank you!

A huge Necron Temple sounds great.