Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Painting Table: Dark Vengeance Marines

I have Dark Vengeance Marines on my painting table.

I am drawing closer to finishing the Tactical Squad. They are the first installment in my new Angry Marines army. They will begin as only a small force to be used as allies with my Angels Sanguine. This will include the Tactical Squad, Terminators, and HQs from Dark Vengeance.

However, you can see that I have chosen a different route for the bikes from Dark Vengeance. They are becoming Angels Sanguine outright. I will add them together with my Attack Bike to make my first full bike squad for the army.


Waaargh said...

Your yellow is smooth and the result with wash has the yellow cover it's areas well. Looking at my own tries with yellow I'd like to hear what you do to make it cover so well.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks a lot, friend. I appreciate your encouraging comments.

I find that watering the color down is the most important part of covering the area well with yellow. I make three layers of yellow. I let each layer dry completely before beginning with the next.

The add water to the paint until I have reached the point in the consistency where I almost feel like I put too much water in. It is difficult to explain and more of an art than a science. I take it to a consistency just beyond milk, maybe more like 2%.

I am also using Sunbrust Yellow from a couple generations back in the GW line of paints (the ones in the hexagonal shaped pot). I don't yet own any of the new paints.

I hope this helps. Summary: Water it down and paint patiently.