Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Angels Sanguine Battle Report

This is the Battle Company Build, or Mass of Marines, list I was referring to in a previous post.

This battle report is for the Aftermath Campaign. This battle takes place on the surface of the planet Prox. Lord Sentikan, sensing that his marines have turned the tide of the Ork Waaagh, presses the attack to drive from the planet surface.

Marshall Malgrim and I had an opportunity to play a second game this weekend, as he had Monday off from work. Following our last game, he adjusted his list slightly. He wanted to try out Razorbacks instead of the Rhinos. As my memory serves, the list was as follows:

-Marshall and 7 Terminators, 4 Lightning Claws and 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield in a Land Raider Crusader
-9 Assault Marines
-5 Tactical Marines with Missile Launcher and Plasma Gun in a Lascannon Razorback
-5 Tactical Marines with Lascannon and Meltagun in a Heavy Bolter Razorback
-Emperor’s Champion and 4 or 5 Crusaders in a Lascannon Razorback.
-Shooty Dreadnought, Lascannon and Missile Launcher

I changed my list. I had been playing with the same list, practicing for tournaments and the like. So, I decided that I would change it up. Run something for fun. I wanted to run Jump Packs. I knew I would need some firepower, and every Marine list needs some Tactical Marines. So, I ran the following

-Death Company with Jump Packs
-Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
-Veteran Assault Squad, 3 Power Weapons, 2 Meltabombs
-Veteran Assault Squad, Powerfist and Storm Shield, 2 Powerweapons, 1 Meltabomb
-Assault Squad, Powerfist
-Assault Squad, Powersword
-Assault Squad, Poweraxe
-Tactical Squad, 10 men, Meltagun and Missile Launcher
Heavy Support
-Devastator Squad, 2 Lascannons, 2 Plasma Cannons

1850 points
Capture and Control

Malgrim won the roll-off and gave me 1st turn. I chose my deployment quadrant. Then it hit me. I had never run a list like this one. I had not done any research. I had no idea what to do tactically. I came up with a plan. I put everything with a jump pack, and Furioso, as close to the enemy as possible. Behind them, I placed a combat squad of Tactical Marines: Vet Sgt., 3 Marines, and Meltagun. I placed to other combat squad on my objective in the ruined building: Missile Launcher and 4 Marines. Also, I placed the Devastator Squad in the ruined building.

Malgrim deployed his Heavy Bolter Razorback on his objective. He placed his Land Raider in a position to launch a first turn assault on my jump packers as I came across the table. He bracketed the rear of the Land Raider with Lascannon Razorback.

Top of 1: I had no plan except to Jump and run until I could get everything close enough to assault. So, I jumped forward. I anticipated Malgrim driving around the wooded hill and trying to assault as many units as possible with his Terminators. I expected him to do this, because he has bad luck rolling difficult terrain tests for his tanks. Since he generally immobilizes the tank, he drives around if possible. Knowing this, I lined my left flank with Veteran Assault Squaders. I figured they had the best opportunity survive and perhaps deal some wounds as they died. I fired the Missile Launcher and Devastators at the Emperor’s Champion razorback. They destroyed the Razorback with a Vehicle Explosion which killed two crusaders.

Bottom of 1: Malgrim did the unthinkable, the unpredictable. He decided to drive through wooded hill in order to assault multiple units with his Terminators. He picked up the die and rolled it for difficult terrain. We both watched with anticipation as the die rolled around. The result: 1. The Land Raider immobilized while trying to enter the woods. We both laughed out loud. Then I apologized for laughing at his misfortune. He said, “No, don’t apologize. Watch this. I am pretending to roll for vehicle difficult terrain test.” He picked up another die, rolled it resulting in a 1. He unloaded the Terminators and declared his Assault. He was in range of one Veteran Assault Squad, but was unable to engage multiple squads. He destroyed the five Veterans, but my veterans took one Terminator with them. Heavy Bolter Razorback fired on the Death Company, power armor saved them. The Lascannon Razorback fired on the Devastators. Cover saved them. Land Raider fired on the Assault Squad which Dante had joined. It killed one marine.

Top of 2: I surrounded the Terminators and assaulted them with everything except the Meltagun combat squad: Lemartes and DC, Furioso, Dante and 3 Assault Squads, and a Veteran Assault Squad. It was an assault of epic proportions. Two terminators lasted through the Assault. Missile Launcher fired on the Lascannon Razorback, crew shaken was the result. Devastors destroyed the shooty Dreadnought.

Bottom of 2: The Emperor’s Champion squad did not join the assault. The assault raged on in the middle of the table. I managed to wipe out the remaining terminators, and consolidated forward.

Top of 3: Following the Assault with the Terminators, I had the following remaining: Lemartes and 5 DC, Furioso, Vet Sgt and 1 Assault Marine, 1 Assault Marine Vet Sgt, Dante and 1 Assault Marine Vet Sgt, and 1 five man Veteran Assualt Squad. Lemartes and DC fire on and Assault the Emperor’s Champion and Crusaders. Lemartes and the Emperor’s Champion kill each other in single combat. The DC wiped out the Crusaders. Furioso fires on and Assaults the Land Raider destroying the Assault Cannon. Dante jumps forward fires on and assaults the Heavy Bolter Razorback. I missed shooting the perdition pistol, and I chose to use a Krak grenade failing to penetrate. Veteran Assault Squad assaulted the Lascannon Razorback, wrecking the vehicle. Since Lemartes was now dead, I had no one to direct the DC and DC Dreadnought. So, I knew that I needed to finish off that Land Raider. It was the closest enemy unit to them. So, Missile Launcher and Devastators fired into the Land Raider.

Bottom of 3: Reserve rolls turned up Malgrim’s Assault Squad. They used deep strike to make an attempt at contesting my objective. They landed close to the ruins and fired on the Devastator squad. Power armor and cover saves were successful. A Hurricane Bolter from the Land Raider and the Heavy Bolter from the Razorback had a devastating effect on the Veteran Assault Marines wiping out the squad. The Tacticals from inside the most recently destroyed Lascannon Razorback assaulted my Powerfist Sgt who was trying to help finish off the Land Raider. Power fist Sgt killed two Templars and made his saves. He won the assault by two. The tactical failed their leadership test and took two more wounds, failing the save on one of them. So Powerfist Sgt effectively killed 3 Templar Tacticals in one round of combat with 2 attacks. I was impressed. Tacticals unloaded from the Heavy Bolter Razorback. They fired on and assaulted Dante. When the dust settled, Dante was locked in combat with two Templar Tacticals.

Top of 4: Malgrims plasma pistol had been in range of the Devastators. So, I moved my Tacticals from the objective over to the edge of the ruin in order to take advantage of Rapid Fire Boltguns. The true damage was done by the Devastators. They lived up to their names when the Plasma Cannons were leveled on those tightly packed Assault Marines. 9 wounds from the Plasma Cannons which denied armor saved. The Assault Marines were no more. Powerfist Sgt and the two remaining Templar Tacticals continued their assault. When the dust settled, all were dead. The Templar Tactical Marine with a Powerfist and my Powerfist Sgt and destroyed each other (and the other Templar Tactical). Dante killed the two Tacticals he was locked in assault with. I jumped two Assault Marines over who assaulted and wrecked the Heavy Bolter Razorback. Furioso and the DC continued to bash away at the Land Raider (DC was not strong enough to accomplish anything, even with rending). Also, the Tactical Combat Squad Meltagun fired on the Land Raider. All of this managed to destroy the last remaining Hurricane Bolter.

We looked at the table and realized that there was nothing Malgrim could do. All he had left was an Immobilized Land Raider without any weapons. Game over after the top of turn 4.

My analysis: We must be fair and honest about the whole ordeal. I did not draw this list up in order to table my opponent. I just wanted to play a mass of jump packers for fun. I had no idea that the game would turn out like this until I had destroyed the Terminators in turn 2.

I attribute the success of the list to the following: Our local group has been following the Mechanized trend. With each army getting more and more mechanized, we have been taking more and more anti-mech heavy and special weaponry. When I throw down an army with no vehicles, then all that anti-mech weaponry becomes a big waste of points. Furthermore, Malgrim is still learning his army and broadening his tactics. He had never faced a Mass of Marines or Battle Company Build before. Next time, I will warn him ahead of time. I feel like it was a dirty trick to play. However, I did not know that it was a dirty trick until I had already played it.

Marshal Malgrim is a fine sport, and he chalked it up as a learning experience. So, in the interest of learning I would like to pose a question. Is this type of list an answer to the current metagame? Is this how we respond to IG’s Chimelta and the increasing amounts of Mech and Melta? Your comments are always appreciated.


Pacific said...

Well first of all, congratulations on the result! The other chap had some pretty scary looking units in his force, and kudos for taking 'bull by the horns' so to speak and hitting him head on!

I really laughed when I read the LR immobilised itself, obviously the BT driver had been to the same school as your attack bike riders ;)

A fun report to read, it looked like this game was always going to be very bloody and it didnt dissapoint!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I honestly laughed out loud when I read your comment about the LR earning his license in the same school as my attack bikers. I hope Marshall Malgrim reads that comment.

What adds to the humor is that both events happened on the same piece of terrain.

After I decided to jump right at him, I believed that he had me. I just knew that I had given him a first turn assault with nasty terminators, which would be backed up by a turn two counter assault led by the Emperor's Champion et al.

I am certain of one thing. We got stuck in early. And there really was not much of either force remaining in the end.