Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Battle Company Build

I tried something the other day in a game (I will post the battle report soon). I ran a list with no tanks, no transports. In fact the only vehicle in it was one Furioso Dreadnought.

The list was comprised of Assault Marines, Veteran Assault Marines, and Death Company all with Jump Packs. Also, there was a Tactical Marine squad and a Devastator Squad. You can see in the picture of my deployment that it was just a mass of bodies.

It worked pretty well. However, this statement needs to be qualified.

Our local play group has been increasingly getting mechanized and more mechanized. So, naturally the special and heavy weapons have become anti-mech. In reality, I guess you could say that I played a dirty trick. I tabled my opponent in turn 4. But, I had no idea that this list would be such a good response to the current meta of mechanized armies.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience. Jwolf mentioned a few guys playing Battle Company builds down in Texas. Is this sort of thing happening in your neck of the 40k woods? Is it successful? Will this be the trend in response to Chimelta and mechanization in general?


Pacific said...

Thats certainly an interesting idea! I'll look forward to your battle report, having an infantry heavy force is something I've been considering for some time!

The only problem with BA is that the infantry are fairly expensive compared to the standard SM codex - you pay more for them and dont even get the free flamer/HB! I suppose at least for now you get free DC, but perhaps the new codex will allow a true SM 'horde' :)

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

There is certainly no disputing the fact that we are at a disadvantage compared to the generic codex.

This list was just something I wanted to do for fun. I have not even begun to analyze whether or not is any good. I suspect IG pie-plates would be nasty to it. It made for a fun game though. There is something quite satisfying about hacking your opponent to pieces with a chainsword that ranged weaponry cannot offer.