Monday, December 7, 2009

Tyranids! Tyranids!

I received a notification from GW in the email inbox today. It proclaimed the pre-order availability of Tyranid models and codex.

I must say, that I have always liked the Tyranids. Obviously, I haven't liked them enough to play. What I mean is I like their place in the 40k game and fluff. I really think we need the Tyranids. They are a great enemy for the Empire of Man (and the other Xenos for that matter).

I have tried on several occasions to talk my wife into collecting and playing Tyranids. She assures me that if and when she collects a 40k army, it will be Eldar.

I am glad to see the Tyranids getting a new Codex, and what appears to be some really great models and new additions to the force. Maybe I will start collecting some 'bugs' one day. . . .


Silar said...

Must agree with you there, the new bugs do look amazing. And they seem to be getting bigger which is scary!!
What's your opinion on the warriors becoming a troop choice??
Well done to your wife for saying if she did played she would use the best army ever hahaha.

liforrevenge said...

Yeah, those Tyranids look awesome. I have a few nids myself, although I have never had the opportunity to play with them. Maybe I'll buy a few models in the future and try them out.

On the subject of Warriors as a troop choice, doesn't that mean it's possible to field a 100% monstrous creature army? Sounds awesome!

liforrevenge said...

wait, warriors aren't MCs... ah well, they're big at any rate.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I have not really thought about the Warrior switch. I don't know about options/wargear(bio-stuff)/squad sizes. Also, I do not know how this switch fits into the codex as a whole.

Despite the regular internet rants, I feel that GW does a pretty good job keeping the game balanced and competitive. A good player can make each army win.

It is my opinion that the Tyranids need some changes to get them back up to speed in the current environment.

Pacific said...

They do look good indeed!

I am slightly worried as I already have an opponent who regularly thrashes me with the current nid codex!

Although I've always thought they would make a great army, the thought of painting a horde of models in identical colour has always stopped me from completing a force (with 2 aborted attempts so far).

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Pacific, you make a good point. I have never thought about painting a Tyranid army from that perspective. They are all virtually identical in color.

That would push the limits of my painting patience.

brent said...

Feldmarshal, have you thought about joining up with another blogger to help increase the amount of content on your blog?

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Sorry that I have been so long in responding to the comments. I am posting on the blog in order to explain.