Saturday, March 17, 2012

Angels Sanguine 1850 Points

I apologize to any who read here regularly for the long time between posting. My brother-in-law was here visiting over the last three weeks. Furthermore, I had a nightmare week of admin paperwork and the like at work.

I had a game of 40k scheduled for today. I had the camera out and was going to try making my first video battle report. The stage was set for Blood Angels versus a Slaanesh Daemon Army. However, my opponent fell ill. He went to the doctor instead of coming to play today. To my friend, Darksaint, I hope you get well soon.

I decided to post the current list that I am running along with my plans for the future.

Blood Angels 1850 points
-Lord Commander Dante
-Honor Guard- 4 Meltaguns
-Reclusiarch- Terminator Armor, Meltabombs
-Terminator Assault Squad-1 Thunder Hammer and 4 Lightning Claws
-2 Sanguinary Priests-Jump Packs, Meltabombs
-10 Assault Marines-2 Meltaguns and Powerfist
-10 Assault Marines-2 Meltaguns and Powerfist
-10 Assault Marines-2 Meltaguns and Powerweapon
Fast Attack
-Vanguard Veterans- Jump Packs, 3 Power Swords

In the future, I am planning on mixing it up a bit. I have recently ordered Mephiston and 4 Land Raiders. I intend on beefing up the Termies and putting them in a Crusader. I also have in mind to try out the Devastators with Missile Launchers in conjunction with the DoA list. Drop podding some dreadnoughts sounds like a lot of fun, too.

Ideas or suggestions? What are my fellow Blood Angels players running? Are you having any luck?

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