Monday, March 26, 2012

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Imperial Guard

I have a video battle report here. I played a game against Darksaint this past Saturday. It was a really fun battle for everyone involved. I ended up with a win, but Darksaint had a wonderful time blasting my army into the stratosphere with the firepower of the Guard.

My analysis:
--Devastators are devastating!! I mean it. They proved themselves to me. They filled a definite void in my army: fire support. The redundancy of three squads made them that much more effective. If you think that Devastators don't match with a jump pack list, just try it. You'll like it. Now I have to get to work on modeling them up.

--I deployed my Assault Marines on the table, rather than reserving them for deepstrike. This worked out well. I had a giant line of sight blocker in my deployment zone. So, I went for it. I will be experimenting with this more in the future.

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