Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Angels Sanguine Army

Some have asked for a picture of my entire army together. Well, that sounded like a great a idea. So, here it is. This list is a Jawaballs list. However, the local tourney scene runs 1850 points. So, I have been toying around with how best to use the extra 100 points.

I have included two photos of the army that is contained in the following list:

-Death Company, Rhino with Extra Armor
-Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

-Assault Squad, Powerfist, Rhino with Extra Armor, Pintle Storm Bolter
-Assault Squad, Powersword, Rhino with Extra Armor
-Assault Squad, Poweraxe, Rhino with Extra Armor
-Tactical Squad, 10 men, Lascannon, Meltagun, Rhino with Extra Armor

Fast Attack
-Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
-Attack Bike, Multi-Melta

Heavy Support
-3x Baal Predator, Pintle Storm Bolter, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor

The attack bikes are not in the picture because I am still in the tryout phase with them. I have not decided whether I want to include them.


Simon said...

Nice photos of a great looking army.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, friend.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting.

Haunter said...

Looking great. It'll be a long time til I can post any pics, as I only started on my tacticals for my new BA army. They're the guinea pigs, since I want my ASM to look the best they can, while the tacs will just be in the back anyway. ;-)

I just wrote up a long winded BatRep on my blog and I used Speeders as my MM platform and they did well. That AV10 is sad, but they did their job well. I'll deploy them a few more times and then maybe try out the MM bikes as a test.

Mik said...

That's an impressive amount of transports and tanks, very inspiring...

Deo said...

please teach me how to paint like that!

sovietspace said...

I can't really comment on the viability of the list, but like the rest I admire your painting. Great job mate!

brent said...

Fieldmarshal, why did you decide on going with brown sand for the bases?
BTW, thanks for putting the army up- it really helps me visualize.

brent said...

I missed it the first time I looked at the pictures, but I really like the green you added on the ax of assault squad on the left.

Tactics question- what is your strategy or how do you use your furioso dreadnaught? Last game, you brought him into help tie up the Seer Council, so he didn't go very far.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words about my painting!

@Brent->I don't like the brown sand bases. I did them in a hurry without thinking too much about it, and I hate it. I am currently in the process of re-basing the entire army with the Urban Bases (which I blogged a little bit about a month ago). If you look hard at the tactical squad, you can see all but two of them have the new bases.

Or you could just look at the following to see what the bases will look when finished:

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

The general strategy is to use Dante, the DC with Corbulo, and the Furioso as ten pound hammer to punch my opponent in the face.

I try to use them together (as much as possible) and shove them down my opponent's throat. I put them in the middle of whatever he is trying to do on the table. I force him to have to deal with them. This is an attempt to force him to leave my Troops alone.

Every mission and every opponent presents different variations of how to apply this general tactic.

brent said...

What about running a rhino out in front of them as fodder to help clog up the opponent's access routes in the middle (or to just funnel them toward your close combat hammer)?

I re-checked the urban bases- do you want to play more cityscapes or it's fluff based (or just aesthetics)?

RonSaikowski said...

Nice job on these guys.

jawaballs said...

Nice work man. I love that my list has trickled it's way onto other peoples tables. Good choice on the 2 attack bikes. Keep them close to your Preds and use them as the can opener for your meat grinder predators. I played a few games recently testing out how to use them best. The worked awesome! Zooming out from behind the preds to pop transports, then the preds cut down any thing inside. If you protect them, they should last all game. A nice side affect of having them next to the preds, was when my opponent got close to the tanks, I would assault them with the bikes instead,since their effectiveness has probably expired any way. They were great at tieing up my opponents assaulters long enough for the preds to escape, and even for my assaulters to come bail them out...

Oh, and in my new 1850 list, I dropped my dread. While I love him, I found him being a point liability. He just didnt do much for me other then let me shout Stomp Stomp Die Die! I am now running 5 MM attack bikes in my 1850 list for Mechanicon.

oni said...

Wow, three Baal Predators.

Your army is very nice. Well painted and a good consistent red.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks to everyone!

@Jawaballs->Thanks for the tip. I have not figured out how to maximize the effectiveness of the attack bikes. I will put your tactic to good use tomorrow. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

Pacific said...

A lovely looking army, you must be very proud of these guys when they are arrayed on the tabletop!