Monday, January 23, 2012

Assault Squad WIP: New Recruits

I have the newest recruits for the makeover of my second Assault Squad. Two of these models are from the Assault Squad box of five, and one of them was purchased as plasma gunner. They have turned out well. I am about half way finished with their jump packs.

While I was working on them, I got out the original 5 members of this Assault Squad and started the process of re-basing them. I expect to be finished with this squad tomorrow. That will give me 2 full strength (10 Marine) Assualt Squads packing 2 meltaguns and powerfists. I will then turn my attention to the third squad.

As I have found someone in the local area who plays 40k, I have a game scheduled for Friday. Nothing motivates me to finish a project better than the prospect of playing with the models on the table top!

The Original 5 Members

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