Monday, January 2, 2012

Assault Squad Progress

As many of you know, I am in the process of upgrading my Angels Sanguine Army (Blood Angels, of course) from the Mechanized Rhino list that I ran under the previous codex to a Descent of Angels list under the current codex. As one Assault squad is nearing the completion of the upgrade, I give you the before and after pictures. Well, not quite after, but we are getting really close.

This particular Assault Squad needed the most work to get up to speed for the list I want to run. This squad was made up of spare parts and a couple of AoBR simple conversions. I have a link here to my blog post from a couple years back when I first created them.

As they were made of spare parts, I had no Jump Packs for them in the beginning. Also, I settled on the Rhino Mech List and didn't need the Jump Packs. So, I had not magnetized them.

Naturally, I had to fix all that now. So, I popped of the backpacks. I did this very carefully, because I didn't want to destroy the models or their paint jobs in the process. As I am not the type to drown the model in glue when assembling, this was pretty easy. Much easier than I thought. I used a small metal fingernail file wrapped in a napkin for the one stubborn backpack in the bunch.

Following that process, I went through my standard drilling and magnetizing described in this previous blog post.

I pulled out the AoBR conversion Sgt, and I dropped a Powerfist Assault Marine Sgt in his place.  Also, I added three more Assault Marines who are painted up and waiting for their clear coat.

This brings the squad up to full strength at 10 Marines. All are magnetized for either backpacks or jump packs. I have three of the 'veterans' left to re-base, and jump packs to paint. Beyond those tasks, the squad is ready to strap on their jump packs and descend on the enemy with the Emperor's wrath.

On a bit of a side note, the AoBR Captain Sgt has been promoted. He will undergo a few alterations to become my Librarian.

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