Monday, January 16, 2012

Modular Terrain WIP: Day Four

 More progress made today. I have added some green paint over the brown.

I applied some black paint thinned down into a wash over all the rocks (areas sprayed gray) to bring out the details.

After that, I began with a gray drybrush (working up through a couple of shades mixing white) over the rocks and on the raised terrace/foundation of the city.

I think that I am ready to start with flock and static grass.


Anonymous said...

Coming along nicely mate - the green really helps break it all up - was a bit put off by the grey and brown in the last post.

Next up you need to post some pics of your scatter terrain on that plaze and maybe a mini or tank for scale - I know what size its meant to be in my head but a visual que is always good.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks. I will try to post up the pics you suggested. However, I can't post up a picture of any tanks. I don't own any. They were all stolen from me as we moved across the pond. Also, I gave all my terrain to my brother before we moved. So, I have no completed piece of terrain to place on the table.

I am, in effect, starting over with terrain with the pieces that you are seeing in the current WIPs.

I can definitely place my Angels Sanguine army on there. It is a Descent of Angels army.

Any way, thank you for your encouraging words, and thank you for reading.