Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magnetizing Back/Jump Packs

In the Blood Angels codex, the Assault Marines have the option of Jump Packs or Rhinos.

I am a big fan of keeping your options open. In actuality, I learned this the hard way. Let me explain. I started playing 40k during 2nd edition. My first army was Imperial Guard, and I remained faithful to the Guard for 12 years. During that time, 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition came. Each of these editions made various weapon loadouts more desirable. However, I had no options. My models were set.

As a result, I am an advocate of magnets . . . keeping your options open.

Here I have pictures of an Assault Marine and a member of my Death Company. You can see each with the backpack and each with the jump pack.

I simply used a drill bit which matched the diameter of the magnet. I drilled just far enough to flush mount the magnets in the marines back. I mounted it above the nob which protrudes from the marines back.

For the back pack, I took one of these flat advertising magnets which come attached to the new phone book. You know the one. It is intended for you to stick on the fridge. Well, I used one of my wife's scrapbooking hole punches which has variable sized holes. I set the hole punch to match the diameter of the magnet, and I punched out a hole in the flat advertising magnet. I glued the flat magnet to the backpack just over the hole.

For the Jump pack, I bought some little steel nails with a head diameter that matched the diameter of the rare earth magnet. I cut these with wire cutters leaving a small portion of the nail attached to the head. I guess it was less than 1/8th of an inch. Just enough to sink into the jump pack.

Then I drilled a tiny hole in the jump pack that matched the size of the nail. Following that, I drilled a larger hole in the jump pack which matched the diameter of the nail head (and also the rare earth magnet) centered on the first hole. Drill this hole just deep enough to flush mount the nail.

Glue the magnets and nail heads in place.

If this did not make any sense, let me know. I will try to explain better.

I purchased my magnets from the following link: They have every shape and size that you might need. I used 1/8" x 1/32".


Deo said...

Man i want to try it...but it seems so hard!

Raptor1313 said...

The pictures help explain it.

Magnetizing is not difficult, but it is bloody time-consuming. Hats off for the patience it takes to put 'em together like that.

Shrink to Fit said...

Genius! Seriously, what a great idea!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I agree with Raptor 100%. It is more time consuming than hard.

I purchased the magnets from

I would also suggest drilling very slowly if you are using a power drill on plastic miniatures. The drill can "bite" and open a hole too deep or too big.

A hand held, manual device would probably be better. But I used a power drill.

Schnitzel said...

I've been contemplating doing this as well since I saw the jump pack bits available on GW. Very nicely done. I'll have to try my hand at it some time as well.