Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the Workdesk

I just finished 4 days of working 12 hour shifts. It really eats up the day. So naturally, the Urban Base Test Cases have been pushed back. I finished one style (pictures and info already posted), but the second must wait.

Also, my wife and I are having another baby: Delivery by C-section is scheduled for Friday. This will be daughter number 2 in our household. I am really excited, but we will be in the hospital for the weekend. (This means that I am missing this weekends 40k games. Ahhh, but a new daughter is well worth it)

Here is what I am working on:
-I currently have a little terrain project going. Our gaming club is very small. I decided that our woodland/grassland table needed some more appropriate terrain. So I am making about 10 bases that are roughly 4" (shapes vary) out of some crafting dry moss. It fits the table well, and it was simple to make. That way the woodland/grassland table can be more woodland than grassland, providing adequate cover instead of fighting in a field.

-I am repainting and re-basing my tactical squad. They really needed it. They were bringing the rest of the army down.

-I have the urban basing project going. This project is part of me trying to finish up my two veteran assault squads.

-I also have the honor guard sitting on the desk. They are all primed up waiting to be painted. They have been primed and waiting for painting since the middle of May.


High Marshal Hunter said...

Congratulations to you!! I hope everything goes well and we will await your return to the battlefield :)

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks a lot. I am getting really excited about the new baby!