Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Space Wolves are Coming!

I hope that the new codex for the Space Wolves is great. I would really be happy if their codex pushes them up into the top tier. I envision everyone who bought all the IG models at the beginning of the year over on ebay trying to sell of their Guard stuff to buy Space Wolves stuff.

I really love all the sub-codex marines. I should say that I love them more than all the the cookie-cutter marines, or generic marines, or whatever you like to call them.

I just feel that the Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Black Templars, and Blood Angels all have definite flavor. They each have a unique feel. Their fluff shows up in the types of units that they can field and in the way that they play on the table.

I get excited about seeing High Marshal Hunters Black Templars in action. I have the same feelings about Space Wolves, Dark Angels, and of course Blood Angels.

I would like to see each of them find favor with GW and receive a great new codex.

A Disclaimer: This is not an attack on any other armies in 40k. In reality, I do love them all . . . some more than others. But I can get excited about any army for which the owner has a passion. If you put an effort into painting and playing, I can appreciate it.

By the way, I did not paint this miniature in the picture.

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High Marshal Hunter said...

For me its always been a choice between Space Wolves and Black Templars as far as Space Marines are concerned. I am also curious to see what the new codex holds...