Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gale Force 9 Tactical Assault Template

A recent purchase just arrived in the mail. I have never used this product before, but I think it is absolute genius. I plan on doing a full product review in the future. However, I am so excited about the prospect of using the template that I had to post on its arrival.

The template has all the essential measurements:
One side is 6" for quickly measuring assault range.
One side is 2" for quickly checking unit cohesion.
One side is 1" for keeping enemy models separate.
One side is 4" for quickly checking vehicle squadron cohesion.
The back side has a 6" ruler for varied moves like running.

I anticipate this thing really speeding up my game play for those timed tournament rounds. All you have to do is keep your tape measure clipped on your hip pocket for measuring range when shooting and moving vehicles over combat speed.

I do anticipate it taking a game or two for me to really get used to this thing.


Raptor1313 said...

Once you get used to it, it's win, pure and simple.

Speeds things up.

You face template weapons? You can get max coherency out of your unit and minimize the effectiveness. I play Guard a lot, or play guys that hate flamers a lot, and believe me, it's a big help.

It is SO very worth the $6 it takes to get the thing.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Raptor, you have succeeded in making me even more stoked about using this thing.

I really thought that the concept and design was pure and undefiled genius when I was first introduced it.

You have confirmed my thoughts.

Chris said...

One thing I've found with mine is that they scratch really easily, just something to look out for. Other than that, they're well useful

Pacific said...

That looks very, very useful! Thanks for the helpful review, will be getting hold of one of these shortly :)

High Marshal Hunter said...

awesome. I want one.

John said...

You should make a template for it, so we can all make one out of foamboard of cardboard