Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Urban Base Test Pt.6 (Finale)

I present to you the finished Urban Base made from cereal card. As you can see, the marine is missing his jump pack. Other than that, the marine is finished. I decided to go ahead and post it up here, considering that the base is really what we are interested in here.

So, you can see what the finished base looks like. And as this is a test case, I will post a picture of the CD plastic urban base at the bottom.

Look at them both and decide which one you think is better. Please give me some comments on this one. I want to know what you think. Which is better?

I will go ahead and tell you that I think the CD Plastic is better. Unless you all convince me differently, I will base the entire army with the CD Plastic Urban Base.

As far as the modeling and painting of the Cereal Card Urban Base shown here, I will tell you the method.

I cut out a number of equal sized squares from cereal card
(just thin card). I glued them on the base in the fashion which suited me, and trimmed of the

I painted this base exactly the same as the CD Plastic version.

Undercoat Black.

Base coat in Codex Gray mixed with Badab Black.

Highlight up through Codex Gray, Codex Gray mixed with White, and Codex Gray mixed with more White.

I mixed some Snakebite Leather with Ogryn Flesh to make very watery. I applied this liberally and dabbed it off with a paper towel. The amount of this brown that you leave on there can make it look dusty, dirty, or muddy. It is up to you.

I left the Yellow stripe off this one, because I didn't think that it fit the layout on this base.

So, let me know which you think is better.


Pacific said...

I think I probably prefer the CD case version - it just seems a little bit more pronounced than the cereal box version.

Think I will have a go at this one, thanks for the tut!

Kuffeh said...

I think the CD case looks better. However, looking at the cardboard version I think you've spaced out the 'flagstones' a bit too far. Have you considered some thick plasticard for this? Its great stuff, and isn't usually that expensive.

Otherwise, I would include bitz and pieces of cut up sprue or plastic kits you don't need/can spare. They add character and can fill the base quite well.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

I agree with both of you. I like the CD case better than the Cereal Card.

Also, Kuffeh makes a couple of good points. I placed the 'stones' or 'tile' to far apart on the Card base. Some spare bitz would help the base as well.

About the plasticard: My goal was to make great bases without having to pay any extra money. I wanted to find a method of making quality bases just using spare things that anyone would have around the house. Sort of basing on a budget.

Apenas + 1?! said...