Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday's Article of Interest

As you may know, my wife and I will be traveling to the hospital early tomorrow morning for a scheduled c-section. We are expecting a new baby girl!

As a result, Friday's Article of Interest is coming out on Thursday Night.

So here is Friday's Article of Interest: Link

The article comes to you from Pacific's blog entitled Eaters of Worlds. His blog is an excellent resource devoted to Pre-Heresy World Eaters.

In this article, Pacific discusses a particular problem that faces all pre-heresy armies. Namely, there is no codex for a pre-heresy army. Therefore, you must use one of the currently legal and up-to-date codex books for your army.

This was a concept with which I have very little familiarity. No one in our local play area dabbles in the pre-heresy. However, Pacific's blog and article really make me want to get into it. Furthermore, I believe that this article would be informative to anyone playing any pre-heresy armies, not just World Eaters.

So here is a buff for Pacific over at Eaters of Worlds. Check him out.

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