Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urban Base Test Case Pt. 5

I give you a work-in-progress photo of the second contender in our little urban base challenge: The Cereal Card Urban Base. You will remember how tremendously pleased I was with the CD Plastic Urban Base. So, this cereal card base had better be good if it wants to best the CD Plastic.

Everything went well with our new baby girl over the weekend. My wife is recovering from the surgery, and I am trying to take care of everything around the house including my 2 year-old daughter.

Well, everyone was fed and napping this afternoon. Furthermore, I had caught up all the dishes and such around the house. So, I sat down at the painting table and broke out the paints.

As you can see from the photos, this Veteran Assault Marine is nearing completion. I have some work left to do on the Power Sword and Bolt Pistol. Also, the Jump Pack is not complete (or attached).

As a result, the painting of the base should take place tomorrow. I have only base coated it black and added some modeling sand which will become rubble. We shall see how it turns out.

I really do not believe that the Cereal Card method of urban basing will match or exceed the quality of the CD Plastic method. We shall see . . . We shall see.


Pacific said...

Thats great news about the baby! Interesting stuff with these bases, the pre-cast ones are normally not the cheapest things to buy so I'm intigued as to how this will turn out! :)

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, man. I am a proud papa!

I feel the same as you about the pre-cast bases. I have a limited budget for purchasing mini's and modeling stuff. Money that I spend on pre-cast bases means fewer mini's.

Also, I believe that each of us are capable of making bases that look just as good as the pre-cast stuff.

I think of the pre-cast bases as a time saver for people with extra expendable income.