Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tank Shock!!!

I want to share a quick tip on battlefield tactics.

For all you veterans out there, this will be nothing new. However, I want to share some of these tactics that a lot of us take for granted, just in case someone has not heard it yet.

Ok, here is the tip:
Tank Shock objectives.

If your opponent is holding his objective with infantry, he may have done well to keep them in cover and keep them alive. He may have spaced them out so that you cannot get within 3" to contest.

Well, that may be correct for some of your models. However, that is not correct for you tanks. If you tank shock and they pass their leadership test, they will not run away. However, they must move out of the way to let your tank go by. They cannot stop you from getting on the objective.

Even if they decide to 'death or glory,' you may still get close enough to contest.

As a matter of fact, that was the difference between a minor victory and a massacre in the first round of 'ard boyz last month. On the bottom of the last turn, my opponent held 2 objectives, and I held 2 objectives. I had the advantage in Kill Points. Well, I tank shocked one of his objectives with on of my Baal Predators. He passed his leadership test, and chose to 'death or glory' with his meltagun. He immobolized the Baal Predator. However, it was stopped within 3" of his objective. As a result, I won the Massacre by canceling one of his objectives with a shocking Baal Predator.

So, don't forget to Tank Shock on the final turn. Use your Heavy Support tanks to help contest objectives. Use your guys loaded up in Tank Transports.

This is a tactic that needs to be second nature. It needs to become part of your normal way of conceiving the game.


Mike Howell said...

Great tip. I am going to utilize that!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...


Thanks for commenting to let me know that this post has helped.