Thursday, August 20, 2009

Strategy for Tomorrow's Game

The Bible even tells us that no good king commits his armies to battle without first weighing cost. So, I have been thinking about tomorrows games a little. We will be rolling for standard missions.

If I play Capture and Control, then I am going to deploy my HQ, Elites, and Heavy. I will only reserve the Troops. This will be slightly different from my standing rule of RESERVE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

Since I began playing this army list patterned after Jawaballs list and tactics, I have been reserving everything. On a few occasions, I have wished that I had more control over what was coming in when.

A few examples:
I always want to use my assault element in conjunction. I want Dante and Corbulo to be within 12 inches of each and the Death Company (including DC Dreadnought). This way, all of them will have Preferred Enemy and Furious Charge. However, my reserve roles have brought them on the table at different times in a few battles. Since I can't have one of them waiting around for the other to show up, I have ended up using them away from each other on these occasions.

My Death Company showing up on turn 5 of a game that ended on turn 5.

My Furioso Dread showing up on turn 5 of a game that ended on turn 5.

Dante coming in on turn 5 of a game that ended on turn 5.

I suppose that I only notice it with the assault element, because these are the heavy hitters. Also, they are designed for optimal performance when functioning together.

I will probably play sieze ground and annhilation the same as usual, meaning reserving all. However, I am going to be playing against a Seer Council Eldar list (Wave Serpents and all). So, he will probably be reserving. Depending on who goes first or second, and whether or not my opponent reserves all, I may not.

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Pacific said...

That certainly sounds interesting!

I know what you mean about reserving some of the harder hitting elements of your army. I'm seriously considering keeping a couple of troops units (either tacs in rhinos or assault troops) in reserve till later in the game instead. I seem to be having a lot of games where I'm having trouble claiming objectives towards the end just through lack of troops choices left alive on the table - perhaps one of these will give me that opportunity, without seriously degrading the amount of damage my force can lay out?

Good luck with the game in any case, I'll be interested to see how this one turns out with the new tactics!