Friday, April 20, 2012

Angels Sanguine Predator Tanks WIP: Battle Damage

I am drawing ever closer to completion of my 3 Predators. As you can see in the pics, I have been applying some scrapes and scratches . . . some "Authentic Battle Damage!"

Let me start off by saying that I applied techniques learned from Ron and his excellent posts over at From the Warp. I draw much insight from Ron's work, but these two following articles in particular formed the method which I applied to these Predators:

I took the regular household sponge. I cut it into a manageable size, small enough to use on the Predator frame and large enough to be held comfortably.

The Sponge
I loaded on some black paint. Dabbed the paint off on a paper towel and used a stippling approach to applying the paint on the Predator. I focused on edges and corners. Imagine places where the heavy armored frame of a Tank would most probably come into contact with something which would damage the finish.

Gently Apply By Stippling
After that, I took paint brush and applied a metallic silver paint inside the black. I did this carefully using the side of the paint brush on the corners and stippling on flat surfaces.

This creates the background which allows the metal to shine through. Furthermore it creates the effect of a coat of primer paint being revealed under the finish paint at the lighter points of a scrape or scratch.

If you have any questions or other advice on improving my technique, please leave a comment.

Carefully Apply Your Choice of Metallic Silver.
On behalf of the many hobbyists like myself who have learned so much from Ron at From the Warp, let me say THANK YOU!!


Ron Saikowski said...

Very nice work!
I seem to struggle with the sponge effect myself as I am a bit heavy handed in my application and the sponge can be unforgiving.

Ron, FTW

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, Ron. This was my first experience with the sponge, and I was pleased with the results. I will be adding it permanently to my painting tool bag.