Monday, April 9, 2012

Furioso Dreadnought WIP II: Painting Progress

 I have a few progress shots from the magnetized Furioso Dreadnought. I started painting only one of the three face-plates/torsos, as I had a game scheduled for today. The opponent was going to play Chaos Daemons, and I figured I could use the Furioso's help to tie up a Close Combat unit which did not have the strength to penetrate his armor. As things stand, the game was cancelled at the last minute due to some understandable and unforeseen real life events. So, the painting continues.


Ron Saikowski said...

Nice work line highlighting him. And I really like the bronze engine case on the back. Makes it stand out from the rest of the model.

Ron, FTW

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, Ron. I read your tutorial on line highlighting. I just took a little more time on the dread than I do on the run of the mill trooper.

I have always felt like the backside of a dread needed something to spice it up. Well, I finished the model up this afternoon (at least this variant). I will post up the photos in a day or so.

Thanks for reading.