Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Game at the Club

I just returned home from gaming at the club. This week, I dusted off my old Imperial Guard models. One of the young gentlemen at the club who plays IG asked me to bring my old guardsmen. He wanted to look at all my aging models (circa 1997).

Naturally, he wasn't there this week. As all my tanks were stolen a couple years back, I ran a foot guard list. I had prepared a 1500 point list. As I squared off against orks, we decided to cut the lists back to 1000 points in order to make the 2 hour time limit a bit easier. This was a very friendly game.

I ran a Company Command Squad, 2 Infantry Platoons, and 5 Ogryn. I blobbed up the infantry: 40 man blob with Commissar and a 30 man blob with Commissar. I had one heavy weapon squad with 2 Heavy Bolters and an Autocannon. In my blob squads, I had a total of 3 Heavy Bolters, 2 Autocannons, and 1 Missile Launcher.

My opponent was foot slogging Orks.

The mission was Annihilation in a Dawn of War deployment.

The deployment type favored the guard list. I was able to stand at the table edge and shoot. I utilized 'First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!" All the Sgt's and Commanders and Commissars had Power Weapons. So, I was able to dish out enough shooting and close combat wounds to carry the day.

It should be noted that by the end of the game, my 40 man blob squad consisted of 1 Commissar and 4 Sgt models. The matching Platoon Command Squad consisted of the Platoon Commander and the Platoon Standard Bearer.

I won the game 4 (give or take) kps to 0 kps. We had a lot of fun rolling a bunch of dice.

It is unfortunate that the young man who wanted to see my Old IG wasn't there, because I do not want to play with that many models ever again!!! Yeah, I remembered one of the reasons why I prefer elite forces to hordish types. I had something like 98 models at 1000 points. There ought to be a law against such!

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