Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor WIP

 I promised you pictures of my current project. So, here is my Sanguinary Priest in Terminator armor. I also have another Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminator. The addition of these two will make 8 Terminators to roll out in my new Crusader.

When I started this Sanguinary Priest, I wanted him to look special amongst the rest of the Terminators. Furthermore, there was some minor converting involved as no model currently exists for this style of Sanguinary Priest.

I used a blood talon, part of a metal scroll, and the butt-end of a skeletal warrior's spear to make the Narthecium. I attached a power armor fist which was originally holding a plasma pistol. In this hand I placed a Blood Chalice made from a Melta Bomb which was cut down to the appropriate size. For his power weapon, I decided to attach a power sword to the handle, and arm, of a thunder hammer. All in all, I am pleased with how the model turned out.

When came to painting, I still wanted to make him stand out. So, I decided to add a bit more white than I did with my power armor priests. Also, I put some free hand on. Nevertheless, I decided to do one more thing to make his stand out. I added a back banner.

"What's so special about a back banner?" you might ask. Well, no other model or unit in this entire army has a banner. I made the "no banners" decision when I started this army, and I have stuck it out.

So when I was trying to determine how to make a Sanguinary Priest who had attained Terminator Honors, etc., stand out, he must carry a banner. The banner will help demonstrate how honored and respected is his position inside the chapter.

Thanks for reading, and your comments are welcome.

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