Friday, July 27, 2012

Psykers in 6th Edition

 Now that I have a few games under my belt, I must confess that I am a bit disappointed in the new psychic devastation. Perhaps I had my expectations set too high.

I really expected the powers to play a major part in the outcome of the game. I began trying to use the Telepathy powers. However, the range on them is so short that I only get to use them once or twice in the games.
That is according to my experience thus far.

I switched to biomancy and divination. Divination turned out to be pretty effective. In my game two nights back, I was giving a squad a 4++ invuln save. I also had the power to give 'to-hit re-rolls' to a unit. These powers proved to be effective in support.

Nevertheless, I expected to blast stuff off the table with psychic powers. I really think one of the major issues is random selection. I really haven't gotten used to random in place of choosing.

Random entails an inability to plan on the basis of not knowing which powers the librarian will actually have. In the end, I simply need more time playtesting to figure out which psychic discipline is the best option for my army.

Please do not think that I am complaining about 6th edition. By no means am I complaining. I am loving sixth edition. It is very fun to play. I would call it a marked improvement over 5th edition, which was a fun game to play.

Do any of you have any suggestions concerning psykers? Which powers are you using? Are they effective?

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