Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Chaos Space Marines

Here is the battle report from the second game over the weekend. It was a rematch of my Angels Sanguine and the Chaos Space Marines. However, we each ran different lists. The lists are recorded at the front of the video.

I got off to a good start with the shooting in turn 1, and I was able to ride that wave of success throughout the game. My opponent and I talked during the game about whether or not going first in this particular game really made that much of a difference.

It will probably be obvious to you as you watch the video that he had trouble dealing with my armor throughout the game. Of course, he wrecked the Land Raider as soon as it came into range of his Plague Marines with Melta Guns. Nevertheless, you will notice that the Land Raider was the only vehicle I lost in the game.

Having said that, it was a great game between gentlemen where everyone involved had fun.

Any comments or ideas that you have by way of analysis are welcome here. Thanks for viewing.


Linus Axelsson said...

Nice to see those terminators working the table. And welding 3 predators with autocannon and las-spons seems like a good choice.

Keep up the good work

Feldmarshal G said...

I couldn't be more pleased with how the army performed. The army was "firing on all cylinders." It always feels good for Terminators to command the table.

I felt like these Predators outperformed the Baal Preds I ran in the previous game, and they were each 10 points cheaper.

Thanks for your comment.