Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre-Heresy Terminator Test Model

I have completed the modeling and converting for the first of my pre-heresy project. I think it turned out pretty good for the first try.

Credit must be given to Ron at From the Warp. His tutorials are quality entertainment for the whole family. The 'How-to" that I followed may be found here (click here for the tutorial).

Also, Iktovian at Not Yet Done has some great pre-heresy helps. The templates I used for the shoulder pads can be found here (click here for templates).

Now all I need to do is decide which Legion to run and which codex to use. Please help me out on this one.

Which Legion do you think I should run? Please leave a comment with a Legion and a reason why. I was thinking about White Scars as an excuse to paint an army white.



Ron Saikowski said...

Holy Cow! That guy looks great. Spot on with the armour plates there.

Ron, FTW

Feldmarshal G said...

I learned it from you, friend. Thanks, Ron.