Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Devastators and Waiting for 6th Edition

I am finally finishing the re-basing. These are the last models which needed the urban bases.

Let me just add here that I am super excited about 6th edition coming out. Based on the rumors and info that is now being included in GW's videos, I think that the new edition is going to be the great equalizer in terms of competitive play and great great fun for the 'beer and pretzel' crowd.

Not long now, and we shall see where 40k takes us.

As I contemplate the possibility of starting another army in 6th edition, I have been researching pre-heresy conversions for terminators. What does the future hold??

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Feldmarshal G said...

I received an email from GW stating that my Gamer's Edition and Psychic Power Cards shipped yesterday.