Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vassal 40k

I played a game of Vassal 40k last night. It was my first time back to Vassal 40k in about 2 years. At that time, they were on the losing end of some legal stuff with GW. I had no idea that Vassal 40k was still operational. It's not just operational; It is booming. They have everything including Forge World stuff on there.

I played Blood Angels, as I use it to gain practice with lists that I will actually run on table. My opponent played Nurgle themed Chaos Space Marines. He asked to use a Decimator. He wanted to try it out, and I said, "Sure." He ran three of them with Butcher Cannons on both arms. That was 8 Str 8 shots each.

It was an even battle which we had to call before final resolution due to time. Both parties enjoyed themselves.

In my analysis, the Decimator is a very strong when configured as my opponent's. They are like Psyfleman Dreads only with more shots per walker. Wow!

It took me a little bit to get used to the Vassal interface again. I noticed there were several very nice improvements to the 40k module.

For someone like me who has trouble getting full sized games scheduled due to location, local gaming population,  and real life responsibilities, Vassal 40k can help you supplement your gaming experience.

You need to download the Vassal Engine and the 40k Module in order to play.

Link to Vassal Engine
Link to Vassal 40k Module

A word of advice: Think twice before allowing your opponent to run Decimators. :)

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