Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Devastators: New Heavy Bolters Complete

 I have completed the Heavy Bolter Devastators. As you can see from the pics, a more momentous event has occurred.

I have officially completed the re-basing project. Every single model which I possessed in the previous incarnation of this Angels Sanguine Army has now been switched over from the brown sand to the urban bases.

Other news: GW sent me an email yesterday stating that my new 6th edition stuff shipped on Tuesday. I am very excited. Who knows? Maybe these Heavy Bolter marines will be useful in 6th.

Also, I downloaded and printed some templates for making pre-heresy shoulder pads for Terminators. I am preparing for a test model.


You can call me Andy said...

I really like that slow marching feel they give, also those urban bases fit really well. Could you give a link to those shoulder pad templates?

Feldmarshal G said...

Thank you, Andy. I agree on both accounts. I was really amazed how much better and more unified this army looked with the urban bases.

About the pre-heresy stuff: I will give you the links here, and I will link everything up in my blog posts about my test model.

I found a tutorial by Ron at From the Warp:

He links to Iktovian at Not Yet Done for the Template:

Both have been extremely helpful thus far.