Thursday, June 14, 2012

Land Raider #2 WIP: Free Hand Completed

I am almost there. The final details (Skulls, etc.) must be picked out. After that, the Land Raider will be ready for battle damage and weathering. At that point, she will be ready to destroy the enemies of the emperor in her righteous might!

I give credit for the self-made transfer technique to Ron at From The Warp. If you haven't yet ventured over to his blog, then you are really missing out.

One more thing, I am trying something new with the video. If I like it, I may begin doing more video in the blog.

As always, your comments are welcome.


Paradox0n said...

I think the freehands come out really nice. And yes do more videos. Pictures are sometimes too limited to explain everything and if you find it entertaining just do it.

Feldmarshal G said...

Thank you, thank you. This particular technique has allowed me to expand my free handing or press my skill level past its limits.

As far as the videos are concerned. I do enjoy doing it at the moment.