Sunday, June 10, 2012

Land Raider #2 WIP: Free Hand Blood Angel Iconography

 Here is another sneak peek at Land Raider #2. I have started the free hand.

First things first, I used the Self-Made Transfer Technique which I learned from Ron over at From The Warp. If you haven't been over there to read and browse around, you are missing out. Ron has contributed more modeling and painting techniques to my hobby experience than any one other person. He is constantly producing quality 'How-To' material.

So, I pulled out the Codex and found the chapter banners. I took one of the images and altered it a bit to fit in the space that I am using on the Land Raider.

I cut the paper out to the size of the space where I wanted the image to go. I drew on with a pencil. Flipped the paper over and shaded the back with the same pencil. Then, I held the paper in place and traced it with a ball-point pen. The shading on the back transferred the image lightly to the surface of the tank. After that, I pulled out the paints and brushes and set to work.

At this point, I decided to take break and snap the photos for your enjoyment.

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