Sunday, December 25, 2011

Assault Squad Meltaguns WIP: Complete . . . Sort of . . .

I have finished the Meltaguns for my Assault Squads. That is six Meltagun toting Assault Marines. Two for each of my three 10 Marine Assault Squads. Adding those two meltagunners to my already existing 5 man Assault Squads brings the total up to 7 Marines for each squad. The next project for the army is to bring the squads up to 10 by modeling and painting 9 more Assault Marines.

I have not yet painted the back packs for these Meltagun Assault Marines. Nevertheless, I can do that later. They shouldn't need them for a while in my DoA list.

 My Second Company badge was easy to paint. However, I have not freehanded the Angels Sanguine army badge in a while. As I was never very good at painting it to begin with, the results are as I expected.

I have been considering working on the Terminator Chaplain. However, I still have the two Sanguinary Priests to whip into shape.

 The force is coming together slowly but surely. I still have not located a place to play the game, but that is another matter altogether.


War Tales said...

AWESOME!!!Keep up the good work!!!

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment and thanks for reading, friend.

Jordi Cotteny said...

With the new apocalypse im going to make an inferno squad( assault marine squad with only melta's) to counter all those tanks you could do that too. Nice work btw

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, Jordi. You can let me know how the inferno squad works out. It sounds like a great idea. I haven't read the new rules. I find myself with little extra time for gaming at the moment.