Friday, December 30, 2011

Sanguinary Priests WIP: Task Complete

Here are the completed Sanguinary Priests. As before, they are accompanied by a Powerfist Sergeant and Brother Corbulo. Powerfist needed a paint job so he could take over one of my Assault Squads, and Corbulo needed to be re-based in the urban style.

Other notes concerning the progression of this Angels Sanguine army: I have modeled up the remaining 9 Assault Marines. 3 Marines are needed to round out all three of my Assault Squads. Beyond finishing these Assault Marines, not a a lot remains. I must finish re-basing the rest of the models which still have the sand bases, but I do not expect that to take much time.

I really need to spend some more time searching for a place to play the game. I have been unable to locate any of the Independent Retailers which are supposed to exist near my home. Once I can find a place and an opponent to play, I can get back to making battle reports.

 Oh by the way, I also have the backpacks and jump packs magnetized. So, I included a picture of the priests in here with their normal backpacks.

Magnetized Backpacks


Anonymous said...

Look good mate. I was a bit worried at the last WIP post that there was something off about them - too much white and black I thought. Seeing them completed they look really good. I think it was the lack of backpack and the WIP nature of the painting last time gave it a funny silhouette.

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Thanks, Rogue Pom. I really appreciate the encouragement.

I want to get back on the table to test and develop strategy. We shall see how that goes.