Monday, December 5, 2011

Honor Guard WIP

In my current attempt to get my Angels Sanguine army inside regs with the current Blood Angels Codex, I have the beginnings of an Honor Guard. Here you will see one Sanguinary Novitiate and two Honor Guard Marines. The Marines are awaiting their meltaguns. The Novitiate awaits a left arm with chainsword. I fully expect these to come in this week from a GW internet order.

 I have a decision to make about the Honor Guard: I will either run 4 meltaguns or 3 meltaguns and 1 flamer. Let me know what you think. I will run the Honor Guard with Dante in Reserve. They will drop in blast mech with the meltaguns and infernus pistol via Tactical Precision. The purpose behind the flamer would obviously be to soften up infantry for the assault. I have yet to make a final decision on this one. Let me know what you think. Is the flamer worth putting in this unit for versatility, or is the greater benefit having 5 Melta shots instead of 4?
A little note about the modeling: this Honor Guard was modeled and wargear chosen under the previous codex. As a result, I had to pop off some arms and weapons, etc. to make room for the meltaguns.

As these models never made it beyond priming in my first Blood Angels / Angels Sanguine army, I was able to easily put on the CD plastic for the Urban Bases. This makes me laugh a little, because Dante has the original sand bases which I made. Dante will be the 'odd man out' when I finish the Honor Guard with urban bases.

On another note, I rode around looking for 3 separate GW Independent Retailers that are located within a 20 minute drive from home. I did this in an attempt to find a place to play some 40k. My trip had the following results: One store is a toy store which has a small selection of GW models and starter paint sets. Another had the GPS leading me to an overgrown field under an Autostrade overpass. I couldn't find the store anywhere. However, I had the address in the GPS correctly. The third has a bit of promise. They were not open when I arrived, and there were no hours posted. However, the sign and exterior looks like a place which is still in business and a place where games are actually played. I will attempt to make contact with place again. Mean while, I am still searching for anyone who plays 40k.

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